Sisters of Sinsinawa Dominicans
Sister Lystra Long with Srs. Mary Ellen Geveling and Mary Ann Nelson.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in learning more about the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa!


Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, an immigrant Italian Dominican priest, founded the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, Wisconsin, in 1847, and with our four cornerstones, Sisters Clara Conway, Ignatia Fitzpatrick, Josephine Cahill, and Rachel Conway, left us a rich legacy: a joyful spirit, a yearning for community, a recognition of the importance of relationship and deep affection for one another, a passion for seeking the truth, a rootedness in the contemplative life, a willingness to work hard and sacrifice for the sake of mission, and hospitality.


Over 5,000 women have entered the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa in the past 162 years, and we continue to be inspired by the spirit of Father Samuel Mazzuchelli to be called and sent as he said,

“Let us wake up then, open our eyes in apostolic charity; and if we are called, set out for any place where the work is great and difficult, but where also with the help of Him who sent us, we shall open the way for the Gospel.”

Our lives are dedicated to “proclaiming the Gospel through the ministry of preaching and teaching in order to participate in the building of a holy and just Church and society (Mission Statement).” We do this today in a variety of ministries that include being educators, lawyers, and social workers, advocates for the elderly and those in poverty, hospital and hospice chaplains, prison and parish ministers, and spiritual guides.


In whatever way we feel called to minister, we recognize that at the heart of ministry is relationship. We share the abundance of God’s love that we experience in our lives of contemplation and in community. We do so within a circle of companions who help us reach out to others in love.


The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa continue to welcome women who are seeking to join with others in preaching and teaching the Good News of God's love. Do you have a desire to offer your gifts as a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa? Click here and we'll send you more information.