Just Immigration Reform

Sinsinawa Dominicans Call for Just Immigration Reform


Sisters for Immigration Reform

Srs. Kathleen Phelan, Mary Ellen Gevelinger (Prioress), Pamela Mitchell
Mary Rathert, Julie Schwab, and Mary Howard Johnstone (Vicaress)

SINSINAWA, Wis.—The Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation recently approved a corporate stance in support of just and compassionate immigration reform in the United States.


The stance states the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters support just and compassionate immigration reform that includes a process offering a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, assures the unity of families and the restoration of due process protections and human rights protections for undocumented workers, and creates policies which address the root causes of migration. 


At least two-thirds of a simple majority of the Congregation must agree upon the stance to achieve passage. “The founding story of the Sinsinawa Dominicans is rooted in the courage and generosity of an immigrant founder who gathered a community of women who were themselves from immigrant families,” said Sinsinawa Dominican Peace and Justice Promoter Joy Peterson, PBVM. “Our corporate stance calling for just and compassionate immigration reform flows from this lived story. Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters and  Associates have long been involved in offering education, direct service, and advocacy to immigrant communities throughout the country.”


The Sinsinawa Dominicans are committed to working for just immigration reform by finding ways to welcome immigrants in their local communities, educating themselves on immigration reform issues, advocating for reform in places of ministry while collaborating with other concerned groups, supporting the enforcement of employment and labor rights for immigrant workers, and lifting their voices on behalf of immigrants in political process to bring about just and compassionate legislation.


“Our Sisters often say they have learned from the courage, hope, and joy of immigrants they minister with and that they receive more than they give,” said Sinsinawa Dominican Councillor Pam Mitchell, OP, who helped develop the corporate stance. “As national and state legislatures consider immigration laws, the elements of the corporate stance will offer guidance in our promotion of just and compassionate immigration reform.”  


Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters invite you to keep up to date with them through facebook at www.facebook.com/sinsinawa. The Sinsinawa Dominicans are part of a worldwide Dominican family, the Order of Preachers. For over 800 years, Dominicans have continued to preach the Gospel in word and deed. Today, thousands of sisters, nuns, priests, brothers, associates, and laity minister in more than 100 countries around the world.