Resources for Mission

Sister Nancy Reisdorf with a volunteer

As an apostolic religious congregation, the Sinsinawa Dominicans engage in many and varied ministries of preaching and teaching. The Congregation sponsors educational institutions. Board members, administration, faculty/staff from all institutions articulated five values (Truth, Justice, Compassion, Community, and Partnership) that they felt represented Sinsinawa Dominican educational institutions. By integrating the mission of the institution and these values into all aspects of the school, board members, administration, and faculty/staff strive to carry out the mission of the Sinsinawa Dominicans.

Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters are also engaged in numerous sponsored ministries, all of which flow from the mission of the Congregation. The Resources for Mission Office has been established to enable continuing commitment to mission and to provide the skills for mission integration and implementation.

The Office provides programs and resources for mission development and implementation that meet ongoing needs of corporate members, governing boards, administration, faculty/staff, and students of the sponsored institutions. The office also provides assistance and resources to other Sinsinawa Dominican ministries.

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