Sisters and Associates

When Father Samuel Mazzuchelli founded the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation, he launched a dream of Dominicans building up the realm of God in the hearts and minds of people in the United States. Generations of young women were drawn to this dream. While they honored their missionary skills, they lived their way into the hearts of parents, children, and co-workers, always learning from them and always creating a future with them.

Very early on, the Sisters recognized a way to broaden their ministry through the ownership of property. They purchased some of the properties; some were transferred by dioceses seeking schools; and still others, like Edgewood in Madison, WI, were gifts or bequests.

 Over the years there has been an ongoing commitment to such sponsored ministries. Each venture has its unique history; each carries in its own way the dreams of Father Samuel and the Sisters.

Sponsorship is the relationship between the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation and the local institution. The relationships established are created to further the mission of the Sinsinawa Dominicans.

As a sponsor, the Sinsinawa Dominicans pledge themselves to the ongoing development of each unique ministry. This is done through encouragement, mission enhancement, education, consultation services, and the support of the local community in both its spiritual and structural dimensions. Local leaders, board members, administration, faculty, staff members, and friends are bonded as partners with the Sinsinawa Dominicans in a sacred covenant. They carry the mission dream in new and concrete ways. In this unique and privileged service, they preach the Truth that sets people free.

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