DVM Transitions

Throughout November, several Dominican Veritas Ministries (DVM) ceremonies took place at Sinsinawa Dominican sponsored institutions to ritualize the transfer of sponsorship from the Congregation to DVM. On Nov. 15, Whitefish Bay’s (WI) Dominican High School (DHS) community gathered to celebrate this transfer. Pictured are (from left) DVM Trustee Tom Merfeld, DHS Principal Vinnie Murray, Sr. Erica Jordan, Sr. Patty Rinn, Sr. Mary Howard Johnstone, DHS Board Chairperson Brian Conole, Sr. Eileen Brynda, Sr. Colleen Settles, DHS Dean of Students Nate Friday, Sr. Barbara Dannhausen, Sr. Ann Marie Palmisano, Sr. Judith Schaefer, Sr. Joeann Daley, DHS Board Member Dave Mazza, Sr. Janet Delperdang, DHS President Leanne Giese, DVM Executive Director Kristin Melley, and DHS Campus Minister Emily Nazcek.