Mission Forward: 175 Years and Counting celebrates our rich history of making a difference in your community and in the world while presenting a path forward for our mission to continue.

Since our founding, we have touched thousands of lives in over 500 schools and ministries through our mission to teach and preach the Gospel. Our students and ministry partners have gone forward to make a positive impact.

Your donation will help us to

  • support the formation of new members,
  • provide lifelong care for all Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa,
  • preserve and restore our land,
  • continue our Sinsinawa Mound-based ministries, and
  • support national and international Dominican initiatives.

Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial and meaningful gift.

Remember your loved ones by designating this gift as an honor for a living person or as a memorial for someone deceased. Names of those being honored and memorialized are included in our Book of Intentions and are remembered at every Mass during the liturgical year and in our daily prayer.