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Awakening to Prayer: A Woman’s Perspective


The word “prayer” is almost as generic as “food” or “book”, says Clare Wagner in her book, and the varieties of prayer forms are countless. In this best and worst of times, Wagner writes, it is intriguing to ponder how women of the twenty-first century pray and enter into a relationship with Holy Presence. At this moment of enormous change, rapid technological advancement and a new relationship between faith and science, Wagner says we are called to see prayer in new, creative ways.

To help us see anew, she draws on the wisdom of the Scriptures, the insights of the mystics and the experience of ordinary, vibrant women and men living in our midst. She offers suggestions of words to use and rituals to experience to help us awaken to prayer–to see that separation from Divine Mystery is a illusion and that the spiritual life is a journey that lasts a lifetime. That journey itself is home, and prayer is foundational as we travel.

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