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Fly While You Still Have Wings : And Other Lessons My Resilient Mother Taught Me



For thirty years, Joyce Rupp has comforted millions, she shares the story of her own grief, offering readers both a profile of her mother’s resilient spirit and a voice of compassion for their own experience of loss. Joyce Rupp’s mother lived a life filled with hard labor and constant responsibility. Rupp shows how the difficulties of her mother’s early years and family life, including the unexpected death of a 23 year old son, forged a resilience that guided Hilda Wilberding Rupp through the illness and losses she faced later on. This affectionate profile of their relationship is at the same time an honest self-examination, as Rupp shares the way she sometimes failed to listen to, accept, and understand her mother in her final years. Rupp’s gentle candor and profound faith illuminate this story of a particular mother and daughter with a universal spirit of hope, reconciliation, and peace.

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