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Irish Dance CD


Instrumental renditions of traditional Irish favorites

ARTIST: Craig Duncan
MUSIC STYLE: Celtic/Instrumental
INSTRUMENTATION: penny whistles, pipes, fiddle, guitar, flute, harp

Dennis Murphy/John Ryan
The Kesh Jig/The Monaghan/Morrison’s Jig
Cooley’s Reel/The Star Of The Munster/Sporting Paddy
Fig For A Kiss/Hardiman The Fiddler
Blarney Pilgrim/Smash The Windows
Banish Misfortune/Tatter Jack Walsh
The Rights Of Man/Off To California
Fanny Power
The Butterfly/Baltiorum/Jack On The Green
The Mist Covered The Mountain/Paddy O’Rafferty/Wandering Minstrel
Give Me Your Hand (Rory Dall O’Cathain)
Maid Behind The Bar/Sligo Maid/The Green Mountain
O’Carolan’s Concerto

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