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Jayber Crow : A Novel


The life story of Jayber Crow, Barber, of the Port William Membership. –as written by Himself

Jayber Crow . . . relates the life story of a young man who abandons his plans to become a minister and becomes the town barber instead. . . .By the end this melancholy barber has won both our attention and our hearts.” –The New York Times Book Review

“Vintage Berry, an elegiac tribute to the dignity and grace of ordinary people rising up human in an ever-more-impersonal world. It’s about the redemptive power of love and community. And it’s a masterpiece.” –Chicago Tribune

“Jayber Crow belongs to the small company of truly remarkable characters in the American novel. . . . This is a fine novel, unforgettable and likely to send new readers of Wendell Berry off to look for some of those other thirty-eight books.” –The Bloomsbury Review

“Berry is a justly celebrated poet, which is reflected in his prose: dense without being overrich, stunning in its philosophical clarity, and sparkling with well-chosen particulars and the language of a region that delights in words. . . .This is the kind of true love that scrapes at the heart and never goes away. . . .By the end of Jayber Crow, you’ll feel you spent your life in Port William, too. When you leave it, you’ll feel its absence, and the lonely barber’s, like a missing friend.” –Seattle Post-Intelligencer



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