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Meeting Alzheimer’s: Companionship on the Journey CD



Karen Buechele, Marcy Each, Amy Ressler, Keith Yoder 


A Heartfelt Introduction to Alzheimer’s Disease

Editorial Review:

Meeting Alzheimer’s: Companionship on the Journey is an informative, inspiring and holistic introduction to Alzheimer’s disease. This unique audio resource is designed to meet the needs of busy caregivers by providing critical information through an engaging, accessible format. Assimilating and distilling many books and resources, Meeting Alzheimer’s compassionately brings forth critical points about caring for someone with dementia, with the goal of reducing caregiver stress and improving quality of life for both caregivers and care receivers. Combining reflections, music, poetry, myths and metaphors, this artful and sensitive presentation enlightens caregivers about the symptoms of Alzheimer’s; Cure vs. Healing; Acceptance; Creative Communication; Being in the Moment; Finding Hope; and Recognizing the value of Persons with Alzheimer’s. Inspired by a quote by Teresa Avila, Meeting Alzheimer’s is mostly about Love. “The important thing is not to think much, but to love much.”

Produced by Healing Moments, Inc.

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