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Our One Great Act of Fidelity: Waiting for Christ in the Eucharist


“More so than anything else, the Eucharist is what anchors many people’s lives, prayers, and ultimately the way they look upon the world around them. In this deeply personal book, Ronald Rolheiser delves into the history and meaning of this sacred tradition, drawing upon the insights of various scripture scholars, theologians, and church teachings. With warmth and great insight, he reflects on his own particular Roman Catholic upbringing and the centrality that the Eucharist has within that tradition. At the same time, he looks at other denominations’ traditions around the Eucharist.

“Our One Great Act of Fidelity” is an investigation into the ways people secure their faith and belief and discover true intimacy with God and one another. The perspective he shares in this book results in a unique reflection upon the sacrament, showing how so many people around the world and Rolheiser himself understand the Eucharist and why they celebrate it every day.

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