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Samuel Mazzuchelli: American Dominican


Journeyman, Preacher, Pastor, Teacher

Over 175 years have passed since a gifted Italian youth from Lombardy, Samuel Augustine Mazzuchelli, answered the call of Bishop Edward Dominic Fenwick to a daunting mission in the United States. From his ordination in Cincinnati in 1830 and first mission among Indians and fur traders of Michigan, until his death in 1864 in a Wisconsin mining town, the Dominican friar responded to every call for ministry. Those who called were families of native tribes and new settlers, miners and political leaders, Catholics and Protestants. Their descendants and many others have kept his memory alive through seven generations, to the present day.

The missionary died at the age of fifty-seven From that time until now, increasing numbers of people have asked his help in prayer and attributed heavenly favors to his intercession. Many have called hi a saint.

Following the 1964 centennial celebration of the life and death of Father Mazzuchelli, the Sisters and Friars of the Order of Preachers together initiated his “Cause”, encouraged by the Vatican Congregation for Causes of Saints. They have gathered and studied mounting evidence of the virtues of Samuel Mazzuchelli including testimonies of those who knew him. The Church continues to listen to the vox populi.




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