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The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality


Ronald Rolheiser makes sense of what is frequently a misunderstood word: spirituality. In posing the question “What is spirituality?” Father Rolheiser gets quickly to the heart of common difficulties with the subject, and shows through compelling anecdotes and personal examples how to channel that relentless, that deep desire into a healthy spirituality.

This book is for those searching to understand what Christian spirituality means and how to apply it to their own lives. Rolheiser explains the non-negotiables–the importance of community worship, the imperatives surrounding social action, and centrality of the Incarnation, the sustenance of the spiritual life–and how spirituality necessarily impacts every aspect of human experience. At the core of this readable, deeply revealing book is an explanation of God and the Church in a world that more often than not doubts the credibility of both.

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