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Cedar Rapids, IA

Made First Profession
June 19, 2016

Work background
I’ve spent the past few years in social ministry: first as a social worker with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Belize, then as a food pantry coordinator and a caregiver with people who have Alzheimer’s.

Present ministry
Coordinator of sustainable agriculture initiatives at the congregation Motherhouse.

Other interests
Jogging, biking, swimming, hiking, camping, gardening (and anything else that takes me outdoors!), making music with others, reading, and learning about / being involved in social and environmental justice work.

What attracted me to this community
I was totally drawn in by the deep JOY of the Sisters, as well as their commitment to justice and lifelong learning, their prayerful way of living community, and their diversity.  I love the saying “If you’ve met one Sinsinawa Dominican, you’ve met one Sinsinawa Dominican.” How true! I’ve been embraced just as I am, and yet I’m called to grow with the Sisters to become something more—to become my fullest self. What a gift!

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