be in relationship with us

Dominicans are dedicated to preaching and teaching the Gospel. We believe that at the heart of ministry is relationship with God, others, and Earth that sustains us. Here are three different ways to deepen your relationship with us.

By profession of vows, Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters make a commitment to God and to one another. These vows compel us to build community, preach God's word, and work for justice and peace wherever we are sent on mission. Community, prayer, study, and ministry are the essential elements of Dominican life.
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Group of Associates Area PromotersDominican Associates of Sinsinawa are women and men who are drawn to Dominican spirituality and study. Within the context of their own lifestyle, they participate in our shared mission to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed. Relationships with Sisters and with one another offer the resource of partnership and support which encourages spiritual growth.
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Group of Dominican VolunteersDominican Volunteers are women and men who devote their energies and skills for 10 months in teaching, social services, health care, youth ministry, ecology, and justice and peace advocacy. Volunteers live in Dominican communities and provide essential services to those who are neglected in society. Learn more at


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