Bidder 70

‘Bidder 70’ Reveals Civil Disobedience Action, Effects

Tim DeChristopher

Sinsinawa Mound will sponsor a film screening of “Bidder 70” at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24. The documentary centers on an extraordinary, ingenious, and effective act of civil disobedience demanding government and industry accountability to climate justice. Watch the journey of Tim DeChristopher as he goes from college student to incarcerated felon for his work on behalf of the environment. Following the film, Brenna Cussen Anglada and Allyson Polman will discuss their recent action in resistance to the Enbridge pipeline in Minnesota. 

For more information, contact Eric Anglada, the ecological programming coordinator at Sinsinawa Mound, at 608-748-4411, ext. 862, email him at or visit our website at

Sinsinawa Mound, the motherhouse for the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters, is located in southwest Wisconsin on County Road Z, off Highway 11, about five miles northeast of Dubuque.

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