Condemn Hate Crimes

The Dominicans of Sinsinawa
Condemn the Recent Violent Hate Crimes

The Dominicans of Sinsinawa condemn the violent hate crimes that have occurred this past week: The 14 bomb threats sent to critics of President Trump across the nation, the killing of two African Americans in Kentucky, and the mass killing at the Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh. These hate crimes are endemic in a culture of violence that has become so prevalent in our country these past few years—a culture fueled by divisive political rhetoric, deliberate misinformation, and fear of the other. We cannot allow this to continue. So we, the Dominicans of Sinsinawa, encourage all people to
•  Speak up and defend those who are ridiculed or judged.
•  Demand civility from politicians.
•  Participate in antiracism training in schools and places of employment.
•  Openly welcome others regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.

We encourage our President and members of Congress to
•  End the rhetoric that ignites fear and hate.
•  Pass common-sense gun legislation such as universal background checks and an assault weapons ban.
•  Pass comprehensive immigration reform.
•  Call together the leaders of Mexico and Central America to discuss solutions and strategies to end the violence that is causing so many of their people to leave their countries.

The Dominicans of Sinsinawa are committed to do their part to end the culture of violence. We believe in a United States that is much better than this. We pray for the victims and their families who have experienced hate crimes and pray that all people will come to know the power that love has to overcome violence.

For more information about our peace and justice efforts, contact
Sister Reg McKillip, OP
Sinsinawa Dominican Peace and Justice Office

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