Indigenous Dispossession

Upper Mississippi

Historian Gives Historical Perspective on Capitalism, Indigenous Dispossession


Sinsinawa Mound Center is sponsoring a virtual workshop, Settler Capitalism and Indigenous Dispossession on the Upper Mississippi, at 7 p.m. CDT Tuesday, Aug. 17. Joshua Wachuta, a public historian who holds his doctorate in U.S. and public history, will offer a historical perspective on how 19th-century businessmen extracted labor, debt, and land from the Ho-Chunk and Dakota nations to obtain the start-up capital for real estate, steamboat, and railroad companies in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Learn how Indigenous people lost their land in the Upper Mississippi region and how capitalism in the United States was founded in part on the transformation of Indigenous tribal wealth into private property for white settler colonists. The fee is $10 per person, and the registration deadline is Aug. 16 at 4 p.m. Please register by contacting Arrangements at 608-748-4411 or visiting our website at

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