Nativities Featured at Sinsinawa Art Gallery

Nativity from ItalySinsinawa Art Gallery presents “Nativities of the World” Nov. 30, 2018ā€“Jan. 2, 2019. This exhibit features handcrafted nativities from lands near and far including the United States, Krygystan, Haiti, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Ecuador, Jerusalem, Peru, Russia, Kenya, and many more countries. The art gallery is open 10 a.m.ā€“5 p.m. daily. More art, gifts, and books are available in the Sinsinawa Book & Gift Gallery, 10 a.m.ā€“5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

For more information, contact Michelle Till at (608) 748-4411, ext. 849, or visit our website at

Directions to Sinsinawa Mound

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