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Now Hiring Horticulturalist and Farm Coordinator

Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc., has a position opening for a horticulturalist and farm coordinator at Sinsinawa Mound. A position description follows. If interested, please email your resume to along with three references.

Title:    Horticulturist & Farm Coordinator
Department:  Land/Farm
Person(s) to Whom Accountable:  Campus Administrator
Positions Supervised:  Interns (temporary/seasonal) and Volunteer Groups
FLSA Status:  Exempt

Summary of Position: The Horticulturist & Farm Coordinator is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining all horticultural aspects of the Sinsinawa property.  Includes but not limited to all outdoor ornamental landscape beds, turf, woods and/or prairies, gardens, and farmland.  Provides work direction to interns and volunteer groups. Collaborates with outreach groups utilizing the Sinsinawa Mound land.  Responsible for developing and implementing agricultural practices and relationships which align with the Sinsinawa Mound Land Ethic Statement.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Determine appropriate mix produce for Mound Garden beds; plant, water, fertilize, mulch, and clean up beds as needed. Coordinate intern & volunteer staff to help with garden.
  1. Maintain orchards: prune, fertilize using organic practices, record bug counts, oversee pest control, keep appropriate records, order new or replacement trees as appropriate.  Identify, monitor, and control plant diseases and pests, as needed and as necessary with appropriate means.
  1. Monitor and help maintain nature areas/trails, shrubs/bushes, vineyard, prairie restoration, gardens, and other projects related to the Mound farm and land.  This may include controlling unwanted vegetation or invasive species, trail maintenance, tree protection.
  1. In collaboration with the Grounds department, promote safety; ensure trees and shrubs are planted, trimmed, or removed when needed; wood is cut and split; weed/insect populations are controlled; damage to physical property, trees, shrubs, or animal activity (insects, moles, or gophers) is reported; and driveways/walkways are kept clean of debris or snow/ice.
5 Obtain and maintain restricted use applicator's card. Order and spray chemicals in orchards and courtyard as needed. Maintain all campus grounds in an environmentally responsible manner:   Use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to pest problems; Manage fertilization, herbicide, and other pesticide use to limit negative impact on residents and pets – use OMRI certified products when possible; Compost plant material or have plant material removed appropriately from the property.  Recycle materials when possible.; Using local/natural/sustainable products in installations where possible – includes but not limited to use of leaves/compost, water, etc; Avoid the use of invasive/exotic species, remove invasive species. 
6 Develop understanding of sustainable agriculture practices. Keep current in knowledge of county/government programs related to grounds maintenance; maintain good rapport with Grant County, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), government officials and agencies, and colleges (UW Platteville, SWTC, etc.).
7 Establish and build on current relationships and partnerships for land-based ministry and sustainable agricultural initiatives.  This may include educational opportunities that can be promoted on the land.
8 Select, train, supervise and evaluate Interns and Volunteer Groups to ensure teamwork and ability to connect with the land initiatives and mission of Sinsinawa Mound.
  1. In conjunction with the Campus Administrator, help prepare and oversee department budget; work with Administrative Assistant to ensure all documentation to produce invoices is accurate
10 Foster communication and good working relationships among staff and all employees of Sinsinawa; integrate resources wherever possible.
11 Work early mornings, evenings, weekends or split shifts as needed.
12 Complete other duties or projects as assigned.

Education, Experience, Physical Abilities, and Skills Required:

  1. Bachelor of Science Degree or related experience in Horticulture required.  Three (3) years of organic farming and/or serving in a Horticulture role preferred. Some supervisory experience preferred.
2 Must be able to kneel, climb, bend, stoop, lift 50 lbs., and work outdoors in extreme weather (hot/cold).
3 Knowledge of organic and sustainable agriculture methods, their environmental, and social impacts, and trends in organic agriculture.
4 Strong organizational skills, confidentiality, and ability to work independently.
5 Strong communication skills including but not limited to the ability to form solid partnerships and relationships and foster an environment conducive to enhancing collaboration and ability to effectively work with multiple stakeholders

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