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Associate Gail Austin-PinderAssociate Gail Austin-Pinder received a papal blessing at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Tunapuna, Trinidad, in November. For more than 40 years, Gail has served as an educator, teaching in Catholic schools in rural areas. For nearly 10 years, she has supported evangelization efforts at San Rafael Parish by helping with baptisms and First Communions. “She is known fondly as the ‘Bishop of Aripo’ because of her work in that community and her dedication and commitment to the people,” said Terrence Caesar.

Ellen Gaynor, OP

Ellen Gaynor, OP, was recognized in the January edition of Chicago Magazine as one of the 2018 Top Doctors in the Chicago area. Click here to honor this Sister.



Diane Kennedy, OPDiane Kennedy, OP, was quoted in the Jan. 22 edition of the Dubuque (IA) Telegraph Herald in an article titled “Loras student’s video essay added to Mazzuchelli beatification campaign.” Loras student Maria Teets created a video for a class project about Sinsinawa Mound and Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP. “The fact that people regularly seek the intercession of Father Mazzuchelli for their needs, whether it’s spiritual or physical, is evidence of his life of extraordinary holiness and sustains its meaning through generations,” said Diane.
Diane was also interviewed on the Feb. 12 “Drew Mariani Show” on Relevant Radio regarding the cause for beatification of Father Samuel Mazzuchelli. “His compassion and outreach was just amazing,” said Diane. Click here to honor this Sister.

Quincy Howard, OPQuincy Howard, OP, was pictured in a Feb. 8 article in America magazine titled “Catholics gather at U.S. Capitol to pray lawmakers will protect the Dreamers.” Quincy held signs outside the Capitol building Feb. 6 and prayed for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program who face an uncertain fate as the program is set to end in March. Click here to honor this Sister.

Christin Tomy, OPChristin Tomy, OP, was a guest on the Dec. 15 radio show “Voices of the Tri-States” on Dubuque’s KDTH 1370 AM. She discussed the Sinsinawa Mound Collaborative Farm project. “We learned from our first year how important it is to have education be a piece of this whole endeavor. . . . We learned that it’s important to create a program where people can balance full-time jobs with farming and be realistic about the time commitment that entails . . . to ensure success.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Nine SistersSeveral Sisters were featured in a Dec. 10 “Show You Care” segment on Eastern Iowa’s ABC affiliate KCRG 9 News during a jar-filling event with women and children from Maria House and Teresa Shelter. The event was organized by Kathy Flynn, OP. Jars of cookie and cocoa mixes were sold during the holiday season, and all proceeds from sales benefited women and children at Opening Doors in Dubuque. Marcia Holthaus, OP; Ann Willits, OP; Linda Surette, OP; Colleen Settles, OP; Ana Luisa Cespedes, OP; Ellie Hoffmann, OP; Maureen McPartland, OP; and Dorothy Victor, OP, were some of the Sisters who volunteered and appeared on the video segment. Click here to honor these Sisters.

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