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Anita Smisek, OPDIA Spirit Award
Five Sinsinawa Dominicans attended the 2019 Dominican Institute for the Arts (DIA) conference held in Florissant, MO, at the Pallotine Renewal Center—Anita Smisek, OP; Antonetta Martinka, OP; Elizabeth Sully, OP; Joeann Daley, OP; and Miriam Brown, OP. Margaret Ormond, OP (Peace), was the keynote speaker. The 2019 Spirit Award was presented to Anita who exemplifies the award in her contributions to DIA. She was the musician-liturgist for the closing Mass and assembled a small choir from among the membership to lead the music with piano, guitar, voice, and percussion.

Angelo Collins, OPAngelo Collins, OP, was pictured in the Aug. 9 edition of the National Catholic Reporter under the heading, “Women religious are not overwhelmed.” The article addressed how women religious in the United States are facing a decline in numbers, and one of the ways communities are addressing that issue is by entering a governance covenant with one or more bodies yet keeping their separate identities. Angelo represents the Congregation in the Wisconsin Religious Collaborative, a governance covenant that the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa joined in 2018.

Mary Ewens, OPMary Ewens, OP, was quoted in the Aug. 2 New York Times newspaper article titled “The Nuns Who Bought and Sold Human Beings.” In Mary’s book, The Role of the Nun in Nineteenth Century America, she noted that seven of the first eight orders of Catholic nuns established in the United States owned slaves by the 1820s.


Ann Willits, OPAnn Willits, OP, was featured in the July 23 edition of the Chicago Daily Herald in an article titled “Aurora’s Dominican Literacy Center caps 25th anniversary celebration with ‘Mystery’ retreat.” Ann was the keynote speaker.



Roberta Popara, OPRoberta Popara, OP, was featured in the Diocese of Palm Beach’s Florida Catholic newspaper July 9 in an article titled “Sister retires from spiritual center.” When asked about her call to religious life, Roberta said, “It was not my plan at all. It is a gift from God. We are here on God’s behalf. We are here to be ambassadors of Christ. It is a gift, not a duty.”


Rhonda Miska, OPRhonda Miska, OP, was featured in the July 2019 edition of U.S. Catholic in an article titled “Let the Liturgy of the Hours restructure your mind and heart.” Rhonda said, “This ancient form of prayer pulls me out of wherever I am internally and connects me with all creation.”



Quincy Howard, OPQuincy Howard, OP, was mentioned in the July 26 Global Sisters Report article titled “Choosing to resist for the whole.” The article details the events of the Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children and noted that Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, retweeted a viral video of Quincy being arrested for civil disobedience. The article states, “Sister Quincy preached Gospel values through her nonviolent action, a force more powerful than hatred and inhumane policies.”
Quincy was also interviewed by Catholic News Service on the Catholic Day of Action for Detained Immigrant Children in the news video titled “Catholics take jail over silence.” She said, “Our faith calls us to welcome the stranger. It couldn’t be clearer in the Bible.”

Teresa Auad, OPTeresa Auad, OP, was featured in an online report on the Confederation of Dominicans in Latin America and Caribbean (CODALC) website in August. Tere wrote a report that was published on the site after her first days of ministering with immigrants near the Mexican border in El Paso, TX.



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