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Michelle Germanson, OPMichelle Germanson, OP, was featured on Chicago’s Fox 32 News on March 17 along with students and staff at Trinity High School in a segment titled “Pep Rally Friday” with Jake Hamilton. Michelle said, “We know how to rock!” Click here to honor this Sister.



Patricia Rogers, OPPatricia Rogers, OP, was a featured guest on The Kathleen Dunn Show March 15 on Wisconsin Public Radio in a segment titled “How Residents Are Turning around a Crime-Ridden Milwaukee Neighborhood.” Patricia ministers at the Dominican Center in the Amani neighborhood where there has recently been a 27 percent drop in crime rate. She stressed the importance of working on projects as a community and having residents involved in making policy and working with elected officials. Patricia said the key to positive change in the neighborhood is resident engagement and empowerment. Click here to honor this Sister.

Candidate Rhonda MiskaCandidate Rhonda Miska was featured in the March 19 edition of the Dubuque (IA) Telegraph Herald in an article titled “Pecha Kucha finds a home in Dubuque.” Rhonda had 20 images to share for 20 seconds each along with her insights on Catholic Sisters for six minutes with a sizable audience gathered at Steeple Square in Dubuque. Other community members chose topics they were passionate about and gave their own presentations at the event. “Pecha Kucha seemed like a unique opportunity to give a little bit of history about religious women,” said Rhonda. “It’s about creating a culture instead of consuming it. You get a sense of the richness of our community in hearing other people’s stories. There’s a total diversity of presenters; everyone is different. It was inspiring and fun.” Click here to honor this Candidate.

Toni Harris, OPToni Harris, OP, was featured in a March 18 Telegraph Herald article titled “Catholic Sisters promote kindness.” A kindness campaign was initiated by communicators for women religious in the Upper Mississippi River Valley during National Catholic Sisters Week. Toni said the aim of the campaign is to promote a deeper understanding of the call of Jesus to treat people how we want to be treated. Her hope is that the campaign inspires people in the community. She said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us were recognizable because of the kindness we extend!” Click here to honor this Sister.

Stella Storch, OPStella Storch, OP, was featured in an April 11 Global Sisters Report article titled “Q & A with Sr. Stella Storch, helping Tanzanian orphans earn a living.” “When you’re hungry, a straight seam is not important to you,” said Stella when she began the Empowering Women’s Future: AIDS Orphan Sewing Project in 2004. Stella raises funds to purchase sewing machines for young women who are then taught to sew and sell their products in order to make a living wage. “I’m very politically active, active in social justice, I demonstrate—I just do things,” she said. “And you can’t do those things unless you have a prayerful life and a spiritual life, because you’ll burn out fast.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Duchesne Maxwell, OPMarie Sullivan, OPDuchesne Maxwell, OP, and Marie Sullivan, OP, were featured in the April 18 issue of the Telegraph Herald in an article titled “Sinsinawa pilot educational program bridges gap between generations.” Kate Freiburger, a doctoral student in occupational therapy who worked as a CNA at St. Dominic Villa, began the program between Sisters at St. Dominic Villa and grade school students at St. Joseph School, Sinsinawa. The 12-week course provides intergenerational education to both groups of participants. “It was lots of fun because they have lots of information they can share with us,” said one student. “Some of the Sisters went on mission trips that we didn’t know about.” Duchesne said, “Most of us taught school for years and years and years, and we love other people’s kids.” Click here to honor these Sisters.

Associate Jim AndrewsAssociate Jim Andrews was featured in a March 5 Rockford Register Star (IL) article titled “Lenten series in Rockford tries to fill spiritual hole for many in the region.” Jim noted that, according to the Pew Research Center, Americans are becoming less religious, especially the millennial generation. “This was eye opening to us,” said Jim. “We saw this as an opportunity to address people’s needs in a different way.” The Lenten series provided participants with a platform to explore their spirituality. Click here to honor this Associate.

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