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Christin Tomy, OPChristin Tomy, OP, was featured on a Jan. 2 podcast titled “Learning to Farm with Little to No Risk” on WHBL 1330 AM–101.5 FM Radio, Sheboygan, WI. Christin discussed the Sinsinawa Mound Collaborative Farm and how she hopes to teach about both the growing produce and business aspects of managing an organic farm. “The more we learned about the challenges that new farmers are facing, we realized we had an opportunity to share some of our resources, such as land.”
Christin was also featured in a Dec. 24 The Country Today news article titled “Collaborative farm gives experience to beginning farmers.” “The idea of the farm was born out of the realities our farmers face,” said Christin. “We want to make this a solid program for farmers and have it grow in a smart way.”

Lauretana Gorman, OPLauretana Gorman, OP, was featured in a Jan. 22 article in Wisconsin’s Janesville Gazette titled “The glue that binds: Sister Lauretana retires from pastoral ministry.” One St. John Vianney parishioner said, “I know several people whom she visits on a regular basis, and they have expressed to me how much they will miss her. There are a lot of people who really love her. She has a big heart.” In speaking about ministering with the elderly, sick, and dying, Lauretana said, “When people are sick, no one has all the answers. But I have the strong feeling that, if I am living in the moment, I will be guided in the moment by God.”
Lauretana was also featured in the Diocese of Madison’s Catholic Herald in an article titled “Sr. Lauretana Gorman, OP, retires after a life of service and pastoral ministry.” She received a gift of $15,000 from St. John Vianney parishioners upon her retirement. “For over 24 years, she was a calming presence in sorrowful and stressful times,” said parish pastor Paul Arinze.

Elizabeth Dunn, OPMartha Mary Rohde, OPElizabeth Dunn, OP, and Martha Mary Rohde, OP, were featured in a Feb. 7 Florida Catholic article titled “School provides hope to immigrant, migrant families.” “We are very small in the sight of the world, but know we are profoundly capable of very important things,” said Elizabeth, who is the director of Hope Rural School in Indiantown. “The families are pleased that religion is part of their education.” Martha Mary said, “The faith, love, and support given to and from our students, parents, and staff is a visible sign of our mission to offer hope to families and to provide an environment that nurtures gospel values of mercy, justice, and love.”

Margaret McGuirk, OPMargaret McGuirk, OP, was featured in the Jan. 10 edition of the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis Catholic Spirit newspaper in a timeline as one of the volunteers in 1978 to the newly opened Annunciation House in El Paso, TX, “to serve the poor, especially immigrants living in the United States without documentation.”
Margaret was also featured on the Feb. 7 edition of the Catholic Spirit in an article titled “An army of solidarity in El Paso.” The article details the work of volunteers at Annunciation House and Casa Nazareth in El Paso, where they receive immigrant families who cross the Mexican border in search of a better life in the United States.

Christina Heltsley, OPChristina Heltsley, OP, was featured in the February issue of Climate magazine in an article titled “Walking in the Shoes of the Fair Oaks Sister.” She is the executive director of St. Francis Center in California, ministering with the least economically advantaged in the South Fair Oaks neighborhood. Author of the story, Don Shoecraft, noted, “Sister Christina Heltsley stirs a passion to help in people that you might not have guessed had the effusive generosity reflex: tough businessmen, politicians, cops, the young, the old, the devout, the irreligious and the nonreligious, a cadre of unconventional angels.” Retired sheriff Greg Munks said, “Sister transformed that little neighborhood from a very tough, kind of dangerous place to kind of a little oasis of hope. A place where people come and people live.”

Mary Houlihan, OPMary Houlihan, OP, was featured in the 2018 Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Dubuque (IA) Annual Report. Mary is part of a mentoring circle for women who are released from prison and rebuilding their lives.



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