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Bernadine Karge, OPBernadine Karge, OP, was featured in the Chicago Catholic newspaper Jan. 29 in an article titled “Dominican University declares itself a ‘sanctuary campus.’” She said, “We come from a tradition founded by Italian immigrants who valued education for women as well as men. We understand that in light of the Gospel mandate to love your neighbor as you love yourself. . . . By making a public statement, we are standing in solidarity and saying that the rights of immigrants are human rights.” Bernadine is an immigration lawyer and serves on the board at Dominican University, River Forest, IL. Click here to honor this Sister.

Marie Virginia Walters, OP; Sharon Casey, OP; Francesca Koller, OP; and Lois Hoh, OP
Marie Virginia Walters, OP; Sharon Casey, OP; Francesca Koller, OP; and Lois Hoh, OP,
were featured in the Dec. 25 edition of the Dubuque, IA, Telegraph Herald in an article titled, “Living for the ‘Lighter Moments.’” The article details the work that went into compiling the recently released book, In Good Humor: Lighter Moments from Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. “Since our very beginning, we have had a tradition of humor in our community,” said Sharon. “That’s one of the things that attracted me as a young Sister to this community. I could always hear Sisters laughing.” Francesca said, “The levity helps you get through the heavy moments.” “[These stories] are going to be lost if we don’t write them down,” said Marie Virginia. Click here to honor these Sisters.

Elizabeth Rodkewich, OPElizabeth Rodkewich, OP, was featured in the February 2017 issue of Los Angeles’ Catholic Agitator in the “Better Know a Volunteer” section. The newsletter stated she is a “stalwart” in the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Hippie Kitchen and has been volunteering there since 2012. Click here to honor this Sister.


Patricia Rogers, OPPatricia Rogers, OP, was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a Dec. 21 article titled “Grant to build on successes in city’s Amani neighborhood.” Federal officials have invested more than $740,000 in grant funding in the Amani neighborhood where Pat ministers as the executive director at the Dominican Center for Women after they saw a dramatic decrease in crime as residents worked with police and took the lead on block watches, cleanups, vigils, and revitalization projects. “We’ve only scratched the surface,” said Pat. “This is going to give us a real chance to do some real work together.” Pat and the Dominican Center were also featured on Milwaukee’s FOX 6 News and CBS 58 News for receiving the federal grants and for receiving two of the seven national awards from the MetLife Foundation to improve police and community relations. “It really underscores what the residents have done and what they can do,” she said. Click here to honor this Sister.

Maureen McDonnell, OPMaureen McDonnell, OP, was featured in a Jan. 5 article in the Telegraph Herald titled “Art forms connection between local Dominican Sister, convicted killer.” Maureen was introduced to artist DarRen Morris through her prison ministry work. “When I am painting, my cellmate does not exist . . . I am not in prison,” said DarRen. Between writing letters and visiting DarRen, Maureen suggested he display his artwork at Sinsinawa Mound. His show was on display in January. “You can see the pain and the struggle [in his artwork],” said Maureen. Click here to honor this Sister.

Donna Quinn, OPDonna Quinn, OP, was featured in the Dec. 14 edition of the National Catholic Reporter in an article titled “Respect—and listen to—your elders.” Donna was noted for being active in the Catholic feminist movement since the 1960s. The article reviewed her recently released book, Chicago Catholic Women: Its Role in Founding the Catholic Women’s Movement. Click here to honor this Sister.

Caroline Sullivan, OPCaroline Sullivan, OP, was featured in a recent edition of the Green Bay Press Gazette in an article titled, “Green Bay immigration rally draws hundreds.” Caroline held a sign at the rally that read, “I’m welcome, why not you?” She said President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order left her in tears. “It just breaks my heart. We own nothing. We’re here to share. We should all be equals.”
Caroline was also featured in a Sept. 9 article in the Green Bay Press-Gazette titled “Retreat center going strong after nearly 30 years.” Although Caroline no longer directs the Bridge-Between Retreat Center in Denmark, WI, she continues to visit frequently. Heather Herdman replaced Caroline as the executive director in July. “We’re trying to figure the number of people that Caroline . . . has touched, and it’s well over 20,000. It’s just amazing,” said Heather. “She really is a visionary in her way of thinking—simplicity.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Peggy Ryan, OPPeggy Ryan, OP, was featured in a Feb. 9 article titled “Catholics supporting #NoDAPL movement see call to protect creation” in the National Catholic Reporter. Peggy said her call to stand with Standing Rock is grounded in Catholic social teaching. “Stewardship, common good, and solidarity are the principles of Catholic social teaching that guide me,” she said. “ . . . We need to change our human action in order to take care of everyone. The universe is meant equally for all people.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Ellen Gaynor, OPEllen Gaynor, OP, was named one of Chicago’s Top Cancer Doctors in 2017 by Chicago Magazine. She specializes in breast, testicular, and prostate cancer at Loyola University Medical Center. Click here to honor this Sister.

Candidate Rhonda MiskaCandidate Rhonda Miska was featured in a Feb. 3 article titled “Cathedral hosts National Migration Week presentation” in the Archdiocese of Dubuque’s Witness newspaper. “There is currently no path to citizenship for undocumented migrants,” said Rhonda. “I know people who are undocumented . . . and I plan to get involved in efforts to help them. Click here to honor this Sister.

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