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Quincy Howard, OPQuincy Howard, OP, was interviewed in an April 22 Crux article titled “Catholic, other groups voice misgivings over 2018 farm bill.” Conservation programs that reward farmers and ranchers were taken out of the bill that was passed by the House Agriculture Committee on April 18. “It is sneaky in the sense that they’ve crafted this bill that sounds positive at face value,” said Quincy, who ministers at NETWORK. “The devil is in the details.” Quincy was also featured in the May 11 edition of the National Catholic Reporter in an article titled “Democrats, faith leaders break bread toward saving SNAP food assistance.” Quincy offered the closing prayer at an interfaith service. “There’s an underlying assumption in all of this that the people who use SNAP would prefer not to work, and so you have to make them work,” she said of the congressional farm bill that would have tied the hours a person worked to his/her government assistance received. NETWORK saw the bill as a latent narrative of “demonizing the poor.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Sister Rhonda MiskaSister Rhonda Miska was featured on the Collegeville Institute website recently in a May 3 article titled “Refugees, Evangelism, and the Pope.” Rhonda told of her encounters with refugees and ways her heart has been stretched through her experiences. Her writing was an excerpt from her chapter in the recently released book, A Pope Francis Lexicon. Click here to honor this Sister.


Laurie Brink, OPLaurie Brink, OP, was featured on the Diocese of Lexington’s Crossroads newspaper in an April 29 article titled, “Jackson parish hosts 2nd annual mission workshop.” More than 50 people attended Laurie’s presentation titled “Encountering the Other: The Biblical Foundations of Prophetic Dialogue.”
Laurie also penned an article in the June edition of U.S. Catholic magazine titled, “How to love your enemy in times of crisis: What would Jesus do in today’s polarized political climate?” In conclusion, she states, “I have to risk the attitudes and actions of a disciple. Anything less is not fit for the reign of God.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Barbara Baehr, OPBarbara Baehr, OP, was featured on Washington’s KSPS Public Television April 19 as a panelist on the “Health Matters: Alzheimer’s Disease” show. She has worked for 20 years at Providence Adult Day Health Center as a nurse. “It was delightful to share our individual insights and experiences in caring for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” said Barbara. Click here to honor this Sister.

Melissa Waters, OP, was featured in the May 8 edition of the Chicago Tribune in an article titled “Sister Melissa, feminist who helped shape lives at Dominican University, says farewell.” Melissa said she doesn’t worry about the school’s character changing after she leaves the university “because we’ve educated all these people. They are carrying on the mission, inspiringly, realistically, effectively. This isn’t a story about loss. It’s a story of fulfillment.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Christin Tomy, OPChristin Tomy, OP, was featured on the website Living the Change in a section titled “Stories of Change.” Christin discussed how her faith life has affected her outlook on material consumption and simplicity. “Material wealth rarely leads to spiritual health. We need well-developed consciences that are able to distinguish between needs and wants and are able to self-regulate on an individual level for the good of the whole.” To read more, visit online. Click here to honor this Sister.

Elizabeth Dunn, OPMartha Rohde, OPElizabeth Dunn, OP, and Martha Rohde, OP, were featured in the May 11–24 issue of the Florida Catholic newspaper in an article titled, “Dominican Sisters reflect on life of joyous service.” The story highlights Elizabeth’s and Martha’s ministry at Hope Rural School in Indiantown, FL. “Each of our days, we nurture the Gospel values of mercy, justice, and love,” said Elizabeth. “We are a family.” Martha agreed, saying, “We are happy that there is diversity here because they will grow up in a world that is diverse.” Click here to honor these Sisters.

Marilyn Aiello, OPMarilyn Aiello, OP, was presented with the 2018 Medical Alumni Humanitarian Award from the University of South Alabama Medical Alumni Association at a June 9 ceremony in Pensacola Beach, FL. Marilyn is the first recipient of this new award which recognizes an alum who has made a significant impact on the medical care of the public, uniting medical service and public benefit on a local, national, or international scale. A statement from the university read as follows: “Please know we are grateful to have an individual of your caliber as part of the USA College of Medicine family, and it is a pleasure to pay tribute to you and your service to others.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Anita Smisek, OPAnita Smisek, OP, was featured in the June 11 edition of the New Prague Times (MN) in an article titled “Sister Anita Smisek gives presentation on area’s musical heritage.” She told the story of the Bohemian musicians of the Big Woods area from 1870 to 1950 through pictures. Click here to honor this Sister.


Bernadine Karge, OPBernadine Karge, OP, was featured in People’s World newspaper June 1 in an article titled, “Protests in 30 cities slam Trump cruelty at the border.” “What [the Trump administration] is doing to immigrant families in our country is a horrible crisis,” she said while pointing out that Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Chicago houses 2,400 detained immigrants and that Core Civic, the private owner, charges taxpayers $250 per day per slot regardless of whether each of the beds is filled. Click here to honor this Sister.

Kathleen Hayes, OPThe Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation was recognized May 5 at the annual Catholic Education Center of Excellence gala in Minneapolis as a Legacy of Greatness honoree. The gala program read as follows: “2018 Legacy of Greatness Award—The religious communities who served and continue to serve the Catholic elementary schools in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-
Minneapolis.” Kathleen Hayes, OP, attended the event and received the applause, thanks, and gratitude from attendees on behalf of all the Sinsinawa Dominicans who served in elementary schools in the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis. Click here to honor this Sister.

Mary Ellen Gevelinger, OPMary Ellen Gevelinger, OP, was featured in the May 10 edition of the Diocese of Madison’s Catholic Herald along with Vietnamese Sisters Lien Do, OP, and Ha Dang, OP, in an article titled “Knights of Columbus host Ladies Night.” Mary Ellen led the opening prayer at the Knights of Columbus Council 531 Ladies Night in Madison and explained our Congregation’s connection with the Vietnamese Dominican Sisters. Lien and Ha also spoke at the dinner. “I am the first woman in my village in Vietnam to go to college,” said Lien. “We are blessed with many young vocations and have 34 novices.” She also said the Sinsinawa Dominicans “have been so friendly and welcoming.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Rosemary Huddleston, OPRosemary Huddleston, OP, was featured on Telemundo News in a May video segment titled “Latinos de Wisconsin decretan un dia sin inmigrantes.” Rosemary joined the Hispanic community in Waukesha, WI, as they displayed through marching and gathering what would happen for a day if immigrants stopped working in America. She was impressed by the group’s “in-spirited resolve to transform what divides us and to strengthen the solidarity that deepens as we walk together creating a global family.” Click here to honor this Sister.

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