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Colleen Settles, OPColleen Settles, OP, was featured in a June 27 article in the Chicago Tribune’s Daily Southtown newspaper. In a story titled “Special education cooperative agrees to buy Queen of Peace property for $3.25M,” Colleen said this of the sale: “We are grateful to have found a wonderful organization that will cherish the Queen of Peace site as much as we have through the years. As Catholic Sisters, education and study are essential to our way of life, and we are pleased that AERO’s mission aligns with ours in helping build strong communities and a just society now and into the future.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Diane Kennedy, OPDiane Kennedy, OP, was a keynote speaker at the plenary session for 15th Biennial Colloquium of Dominican Colleges and Universities held at Providence College, Providence, RI, June 21–24. Her presentation, “A Possible Future for Dominican Higher Education in the Service of Truth,” was a clarion call for Dominican institutions to collaborate in order for Dominican higher education to flourish into the future. Click here to honor this Sister.

Kathy Flynn, OPKathy Flynn, OP, was featured on “The Scoop,” the website of the Child and Family Policy Center. The question-and-answer session with Kathy included discussion about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and ways to help those at risk overcome poverty and achieve self-sufficiency. “It’s exhausting to be poor,” said Kathy. “To have a benefit like SNAP to help put food on the table—it’s a lifesaver for these women.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Erica Jordan, OPErica Jordan, OP, was featured in the July 2 edition of Wisconsin’s Kenosha News in an article titled “90 concerned citizens attend CUSH immigration rally.” Erica is an immigration task force member of Congregations United to Serve Humanity (CUSH) and explained why it would benefit the United States to use alternatives to placing parents and children who cross the border in detention facilities. She also advocated for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) case management program. She closed her rally speech with a quote from St. Catherine of Siena, “Speak as if you had a thousand voices. It is silence that kills the world.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Margaret McGuirk, OPMargaret McGuirk, OP, was featured in a June 21 article in Minnesota’s Star Tribune newspaper titled “Despite Trump’s reversal, Minnesotans say the fight over immigration policies isn’t over.” “The children were being used as pawns to push Democrats to vote on bills that were detrimental to just immigration reform,” said Margaret. Click here to honor this Sister.


Jean Tranel, OPThe Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa received a certificate of appreciation on July 22 from Father Leonard Jacobs in recognition of 120 years of outstanding service in education at St. James Parish, Rockford, IL. He specifically thanked Jean Tranel, OP, as the parish observed their 165th anniversary in July. “Thank you for sharing with our joys and blessings for all these years of living the gift of faith,” he said. Click here to honor this Sister.

Associate Mary Jo GeorgeAssociate Mary Jo George was honored on Feb. 3 with the 2018 Venerable Mary Potter Humanitarian Award for her outstanding acts of service with and leadership for children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Mary Jo has worked for more than 25 years for a group she calls Circle of Friends that helps young adults lead meaningful and happy lives with dignity and respect.


Angelo Collins, OPAngelo Collins, OP, is the recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given for professional accomplishments in the following categories: education, science, women, and international education. Angelo’s first Marquis recognition was in 1990 for education. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to fewer than 2 percent of all individuals recognized in all categories. Click here to honor this Sister.


Nicole Reich, OPSister Rhonda MiskaNicole Reich, OP, and Sister Rhonda Miska reviewed the horror film The Nun in September for SyFy Wire News. In an article titled “Real Nuns review The Nun,” Nicole and Rhonda point out that the film was big on stereotypes and small on historical accuracy. The author noted, “The Sisters emphasized that nuns are people. They exist. And, a majority of the time, they’re not terrifying entities looking to drag unsuspecting innocents to hell.” Click here to honor these Sisters.

Lystra Long, OPLystra Long, OP, was featured in Trinidad’s Catholic News on Sept. 16 in an article titled “New staff at Chancery.” Archbishop Jason Gordon appointed Lystra as Chancellor for the Archdiocese of Port of Spain. Click here to honor this Sister.



Marie Lucek, OPMarie Lucek, OP, was featured in an Oct. 10 article in Alaska’s Juneau Empire in an article titled “A sister’s next act: Longtime Juneau nun retires.” Marie has worked for the parish of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Juneau for 12 years. She enjoys helping people “walk on their faith journey. . . . It’s their path to God that they need to follow.” Marie has helped more than 20 people join the Catholic church there and has led worship services. “It’s important for people to see a woman leading prayer,” she said. “The community spirit is amazing here.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Christina Heltsley, OPChristina Heltsley, OP, was featured in several news stories across California when she organized concerned citizens to protest the opening of a neighborhood coffee shop that objectified women through a letter-writing campaign and street march. The owner of the coffee shop agreed to clean up the names of drinks and attire of the baristas before opening. In one San Francisco Chronicle article titled “Titillating coffee shop near Redwood City tones itself down after community uproar,” Christina said, “They misjudged how this community knows how to advocate and has a really strong voice. It’s a victory for the community. It’s a victory for men and women. It’s a victory for families. It’s a victory for democracy. We want our girls to lead with their hearts and their heads, not their bodies.” Click here to honor this Sister.

Quincy Howard, OPQuincy Howard, OP, was quoted in a Sept. 30 article titled “How the Kavanaugh Protests Reached the National Stage” in the New Yorker magazine. Quincy attended the protest in opposition to the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh in the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, DC. She was impressed by the way “God was able to break through the noise.” She continued, “Kavanaugh is trying to maintain this veneer of perfection and accomplishment, and that is not the way you find Jesus. The way you find Jesus is by repenting and admitting the things that you did that you’re ashamed of.” Click here to honor this Sister.

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