Corporate Stances

A corporate stance is a public statement and/or action agreed upon by at least two-thirds of a simple majority of vowed members of the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation. It is taken in regard to an issue of human concerns, Gospel values, and/or societal systems. The stance is the result of prayer, study, reflection, and discussion by the members of the Congregation.


Our Dominican Heritage and our Mission and Vision Statements require us to work for justice, an integral part of our identity as Sinsinawa Dominicans. Our history of justice work began with our founder, Father Samuel Mazzuchelli. His passionate support for the human rights of native people and his strong commitment to quality education for women give evidence that he was a man of justice. This heritage of justice was carried on by our first Sisters and has continued throughout our history.

As we move into this new century, we are challenged to be even more fervent in our work for justice. Our world is much larger, the needs much greater, and the injustices more evident. Using our power of voice through a corporate stance will help create the positive pressure that results in a more holy and just society.


A corporate stance procedure was adopted in November 2001. If you would like a copy of the procedure, contact the Peace and Justice Office at

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