Weekly Reflection

Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 21, 2017



Acts, 8:5-8,14, 17
I Peter 3:15-18
John 14:15-21


Jesus promised that the Father would give another advocate to be with always, those who love Him and keep his commandments. The New American Bible (NAB) indicates that the Greek term, “Advocate” derives from legal terminology which can be interpreted as one of five different meanings but none of the five encompasses the meaning in John’s Gospel. The NAB goes on to define “Paraclete” in John’s Gospel as a teacher, a witness to Jesus, and a prosecutor of the world who represents the continued presence of Jesus on Earth.

For Your Reflection

My prayer for the coming week is that all of us serve as teachers, witnesses to Jesus and prosecutors of the world, just as Philip, Peter, and John do in the first and second readings. Teachers and witnesses, grounded in the love Jesus references, share the light and life Jesus brought to the world. Prosecutors seek truth and share truth in the context of God’s unconditional love for all. Hearers of this Sunday’s readings witness God’s presence among people today. Blessings of the coming week.

Sister Pat Mulcahey, OP

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