Weekly Preaching

Sr. Eileen Brynda, OP
Sr. Eileen Brynda, OP
December 9, 2018

Bar 5:1-9/Psalm 126/Phil 1:4-6, 8-11/Lk 3:1-6

We have begun Advent, which this year has brought us dreary, dark days. The weather seems to reflect the pain of the world around us--potential immigrants being turned away, people persecuting or taking advantage of one another, insults, selfishness, and more. But the reading from Baruch for this Sunday and Luke's Gospel tell us that the way to God is a smooth road, not one of deep valleys, high mountains, and rough and winding roads. Faced with such pain, it's hard to believe!

The responsorial psalm shines a light of joy on all that God had created. So, how do we focus on joy in such a dim climate? Perhaps, the Second Reading this Sunday gives us a clue. Philippians describes those in partnership with the Gospel and offers the wish for an increase in love, a discernment of values, and being filled with righteousness. The central message of the Gospels is love. God is Love. I would like to offer a beautiful prayer from the Pueblo People.
            Across the dark night, we are not afraid.
            Our love is the star that guides us.
            Through the empty desert, we do not thirst.
            Our love is the water that refreshes.
            On the long journey, we do not weary.
            Our love is the hope that waits on the other side.
            When we are together, let us hold hands.
            Our love is the promise that is never broken.
Our love is simply a glimmer of God who is Love. We can only attempt to change our broken world by modeling love and be as the responsorial psalm urges:
"Our Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy." Let us be a circle of loving, joyful lights in the world's Advent wreath.

by Sister Eileen Brynda, OP