Weekly Preaching

'Who do you say that I am?'

12th Week in Ordinary Times

June 20, 2021

"Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?"
Mark 4:35-41

This is THE question of holy scripture. Who is this man that even the wind and sea obey him? The entire New Testament answers the question. Our entire lives are an answer to the question.

It reminds me of another question; one asked by Jesus himself. "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?" The disciples tell him that some say he's Elijah, or John the Baptist, or even Jeremiah because maybe they don't quite know yet. So he turns to them and asks, "But who do you say that I am?" Ahhh . . .

There is so much pathos in his question. I can almost hear a sadness in Jesus' voice as he must wonder who believes and who doesn't believe in him. These questions are alive today as they were back then. It's as though Jesus asks the question of each one of us every day. Who do we say that he is? I suspect all of us would answer, "Jesus, you are our all and our everything."

Let's be patient with the folks we know who have not and cannot answer this question at all. Let's be extra loving toward those who can't yet call Jesus their all and their everything. Let's be blazing beacons of his light to those who cannot yet answer his question.

Yesterday I received what I would consider a harassment email. It was from a quasi friend . . . someone I actually met in church. It was an obscene slam against all Democrats--obscene, vicious, and almost pornographic. I was shocked. He knows I am a Democrat. Why would he do this? How I respond is exactly how I answer Jesus' question, "Who do you say that I am?"

Because Jesus is the source and the center of the very meaning of my life, I must respond with grace and yes, even love. We love because Jesus first loved us and we offer that love unconditionally to everyone we meet and know. Like all the saints before us did. A loving response is the ONLY thing that gives me strength, hope, and courage for the road ahead. Who do I say that Jesus is? He is the king of love, mercy, grace, patience, and forgiveness. He is my all and my everything. Amen.   

by Associate Carol Soderholm