Weekly Preaching

March 24, 2019

Ex 3:1-8a, 13-15/ 1 Cor 10:1-6, 10-12/ Lk 13:1-9

Associate Laurie Bartoletti
Associate Laurie Bartoletti
A dear friend of mine told me she did not want to do Lent this year. She wants to sit on holy ground and gaze at the burning bush of God. She wants to be warmed by the flames of God’s love and tender mercy. She wants to eat figs from the barren tree. You see, she has spent the year fighting breast cancer. 

She repents, “I’m sorry for being so sick, I’m sorry for my anger. I’m sorry for . . .” She weeps and God holds her and rocks her gently. She goes to the doctor and sees the other suffering children of God. The woman holds them in prayer and rocks them gently.

After a year of much pruning and tending, the woman is healthier. Her eyes are open now. She sees many people around the holy ground of the burning bush: praying a litany of repentance for self and society; people coming and going, being sent forth and returning. God’s promise is fulfilled for us all. Do not be afraid; God is with us. 

The Holy Word of God reminds us to walk humbly before our God and amongst others. Ask for God’s mercy. The cry of the poor, suffering, immigrants, oppressed, and refugees has been heard by God. Let us hear the cry and prayerfully ask, “What does God ask of me at this time in my life?”

Laurie Bartoletti, Dominican Associate of Sinsinawa