Weekly Preaching

Trusting Change Can Happen

3rd Sunday of Easter
April 18, 2021

John 2:1-5a; Luke 24:35-48 

Associate Jana Minor
Associate Jana Minor
Are you like me, struggling to be trusting and hopeful in light of the many challenges we face today:                  
a raging pandemic;
a deep division among the people of our own country which I believe stems from the racism on which our country was founded; and
a tragic threat to the survival of our Earth.

Today’s readings leave me with these questions and prayers: 
How do I accept the peace that Jesus called the apostles to when he appeared to them in that upper room where they were hiding? They had just witnessed a horrible event which shook them to the core. They were afraid, sad, and unsure of their future. And then Jesus appeared,  witnessing his victory over death.

Please, O God, help us to always live and walk out of the Easter/resurrection story trusting that change can happen.

How am I complicit in those critical threats facing our country and world? The reading from Acts tells us Paul admonished the followers of Jesus, stating that they had contributed to horrible abuse suffered by Jesus.

Please, O God, help me understand how I have contributed to racism, global warming, the deep struggle in our country today. Help me to do my inner work so I can be authentic and real, a nonviolent non-abusive part of the change that needs to happen.

What do I need to change in my life so that I can grow closer to God and better live the life Jesus taught us? John tells us to obey the commandments. Show me the destructive behaviors I need to stop in order to live my faith more deeply.

Please, O God, keep prodding me. I want to live your will.

by Associate Jana Minor