Weekly Preaching

Living in the Present Moment

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 17, 2019

Mal3:19-20a/2 Thes 3:7-12/Lk 21:5-19

Sister Eleanor Hoffmann, OP
Sister Eleanor Hoffmann, OP
All three readings this Sunday are filled with very powerful words, challenging ideas, and a great deal of reality to face. The Gospel in particular is God’s call to live in the present moment and to be aware of his relationship with each one of us. Maybe a good question we should ask ourselves is this: If we knew for certain the date that our world was going to come to an end, what would we do differently now? I hope our answer could be, “To continue what we are already doing.” But I am not sure about that.
What we are all called to do with our life here on Earth is to remain faithful to Jesus as we await his glorious returning to this world. Jesus is returning to this world and to each person. His love for us is the strongest relationship possible. Our life should be filled with the words of invitation. “COME, LORD JESUS, RENEW THE FACE OF THE WORLD.” These words need to be prayed often with deep faith, hope, and love. This kind of endurance will gift us with eternal life. Our knowledge of Jesus love can enable us to stand with his strength in the face of any kind of suffering. This kind of living is possible because of the gift of the Holy Spirit given to each one of us.

We all know a lot of the words spoken in the Gospel today are happening in our world right now: wars, fires, hate, starvation, homelessness, earthquakes, and much more. Jesus also knows you know all about all of it and must be asking all of us, “What are you doing in your life to help others persevere in their life?”

Our Sinsinawa Dominican Vision Statement may be a big help as we strive to really live together.

In a world graced by the Holy Spirit
and yet wounded by division, exploitation, and oppression,
we are impelled by God’s tender mercy
to commit ourselves in partnership with others
to seek and foster right relationships
among all of God’s people and with Earth that sustains us.

by Sister Eleanor Hoffmann, OP