Weekly Preaching

God is at home, in you!


14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 5, 2020

Zechariah 9:9-10/Romans 8:9, 11-13/Matthew 11:25-30


Sister Caroline Sullivan, OP
Sr. Caroline Sullivan, OP

Your interests are in the spiritual. The Spirit of God is at home in you.

Where God dwells life itself is.

Wow, did you take that in? GOD IS AT HOME, IN YOU!

WHEN we recognize God's life dwells in us, and around us, we put to death evil ways and thoughts. Our words and actions reveal more and more compassionate loving.

A dwelling is an inhabited domicile, a permanent home, where the one dwelling has a substantial connection to it. Creation continues to humbly expose God's indwelling. Breathing life into suffocated spirits, hues, species and enhancing life with ever growing love.

Feel how love expands our view, includes both/and. Listens intently. Forgives. Treats all life with dignity. Embraces difference. Includes not just humans but all that exists in the Cosmos. God's heart can't help itself, it is made of love and for loving!

Yes really…
My parents were divorced. My dad held onto a lifetime of anger towards my mother. On the day she died he asked me, "Do you think she went to heaven?" "Yes. . . . You don't want her to be?!" Just because we may not see, feel, or hear the Divine Spirit in something doesn't mean it isn't present.

As a gardener I pick asparagus up one side of the row and down the other. Each time looking closer. Bending lower. Eternally discovering more of the Divine indwelling. We must each look again and again.

Yes, our interest is in the spiritual and eternally finding that for whom we look is dwelling here in and all around. This discovering of God's beauty and vastness will take forever!

Sister Caroline Sullivan, OP