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On the Cover (see above)

The cover image illustrating the Sinsinawa Dominican’s educational legacy in the Midwest was inspired by John August Swanson’s serigraph, River. Designed by Sister Alice Ann Byrne, OP (Roisin), it uses symbols to represent our connections with our faith: mountains—God; river—gifts of truth, mercy, and courage; and the headwaters—Jesus. The Dominican tradition of preaching is rooted in the life, works, and teachings of Jesus. The river brings life to the people along the shore.

Our Sponsored Schools
A Call to Teach and Preach

What does it mean to “sponsor”? The meaning could range from serving as baptismal sponsor for an infant to committing money to sponsor a friend in a fund-raising run. The root in Latin, sponsus, means “a surety, guarantee.” When the Sinsinawa Congregation speaks of “sponsored ministries,” we are referring to institutional works for which the Congregation takes particular responsibility. Read more . . .

Education: River of Life

The Office of Development is pleased to offer you this issue of Sinsinawa Dominican Vision based on the theme of our sponsored educational institutions. Many of our readers are familiar with us and, in fact, choose to support us because you are graduates of a school—perhaps more than one—where you were taught by our Sisters. Read more . . .

Edgewood Campus School Endures
Enfleshing Dominican Values

It has been a pleasure for me to work with the Edgewood Campus School (ECS), Madison, WI, since 1990. I attended Edgewood College as an undergraduate, and, at that time, I walked by the ECS building on the way to classes from Mazzuchelli Science Building en route to a Latin class in Sacred Heart Convent. Read more . . .

EHS: Witnessing Change
Building on Tradition

The Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters were my teachers from 2nd grade through college. They became my sisters and remain my teachers, mentors, and family to this day. I have learned and will continue to learn from them as I have ministered as a Sinsinawa Dominican for over 50 years. During that time, I was involved with four of our five sponsored high schools, serving as a teacher, administrator, or board of trustees member. Read more . . .

Bethlehem Academy Counts Blessings
Tradition Imbued in Bricks

Ministering at Bethlehem Academy (BA) continues the 152-year presence of Sinsinawa Dominicans in Faribault, MN. As the first mission away from Benton/Sinsinawa, BA has been blessed with many committed benefactors who have enabled generations of students and families to experience the BA family. Read more . . .

Trinity Guided by Mission
Empowering Young Women

When I began my journey as president of Trinity High School, River Forest, IL, some 25 years ago, I couldn’t possibly have even imagined what was in store for me and how blessed I would feel to be part of this special place that has allowed me to grow both spiritually and as a leader! We’ve experienced both tough times and amazing times and through it all have been continually guided by the Sinsinawa Dominican mission. Read more . . .

Dominican High School Thrives
Prayer, Service Unites Community

While our Dominican high schools have few Dominican Sisters on our faculties, our lay leadership remain as strong advocates of our values and principles. As an example, our Dominican High School (DHS), Whitefish Bay, WI, principal, Ed Foy, and our campus minister, Nate Friday, had the privilege in June 2016 to spend 10 days in France following in the footsteps of St. Dominic. Read more . . .

Edgewood College: Engaged Citizens
Focus on Truth in All Disciplines

This year, Edgewood College, Madison, WI, marks its 90th birthday. Like our other sponsored institutions, our mission, rooted in the Dominican tradition, gives us direction. Read more . . .

Dominican University: Daily Dedication
Campus Holds Happy Surprises

In October 2011, I was hired as administrative assistant to the dean of Rosary College of Arts and Sciences at Dominican University, River Forest, IL. This community of students, staff, faculty, and administrators strives to live the Dominican values core to who we are and should be. Read more . . .

Queen of Peace’s Closing Chapter
Our Love, Loyalty Will Never Cease

In 1962, Queen of Peace High School (QP) opened its doors in Burbank, IL, to 400 lively young women. Queen of Peace closes its doors June 2017, yet we believe that QP was not a building but a life-lasting experience. Read more . . .

Catholic Education: Our Call and Tradition
Teaching Gospel Values to Generations

The history of Catholic education in the United States extends from the early colonial era in Louisiana and Maryland to the parochial school system set up in most parishes in the 19th century, to hundreds of high schools and colleges, all down to the present. As the nation was mostly Protestant in the 19th century, there was anti-Catholic sentiment related to heavy immigration from Catholic Ireland after the 1840s. Read more . . .

Supporting Students

Dominican and Franciscan Sisters shared their ministry stories with students at Dominican High School (DHS), Whitefish Bay, WI. Sisters visited Spanish, religion, social studies, and art classes. Read more . . .

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