Dominican Vision JUNE 2019

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On the Cover (see above)

Sister Janet Welsh, OP, is pictured with several of her family members, including her sibling Sister Lynn (Tomaso) Welsh, OP (1936–2017). The Welsh family frequently celebrates their faith and their family. Pictures include (clockwise from top left) Janet on her First Communion day, Sr. Janet’s 50th jubilee, Lynn with Janet and their father the day Lynn entered the Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation, and Sr. Janet with her parents and Sr. Lynn at Sinsinawa Mound.

I Have Family
Faith Inspires Us to Recognize Our Family Ties
to All God’s Children

Pope Francis, in his 2016 message, Amoris Laetitia (apostolic exhortation: On Love in the Family), stated, “The family must always be a place where, when something good happens to one of its members, they know that others will be there to celebrate it with them” (par. 110). Read more . . .


“I will surely bless you, and I will multiply your descendants like the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore” (Genesis 22:17). In our Judeo-Christian tradition, our faith is often linked to family and family to faith. Read more . . .

Family Nurtures Growing Faith

Our family grew up in many rented homes in Bloomington, IL, with Mother, Dad, and Grandmother. The three of us, Bob, Rich, and myself, were surrounded with love, faith, and challenges as we tried to understand what life was all about. Read more . . .

Mother’s Strong Faith Sustains Family

I came from a family of four boys and four girls. I was the youngest of the eight children. Although our father died suddenly when I was 2 years old, our mother’s strong faith carried us through. We were privileged to attend St. Joseph Catholic Grade School in Sioux City, IA. The school was staffed by the BVM Sisters of Dubuque, IA. Read more . . .

Catholic with a Small “c”

504 S. Bourland in Peoria, IL, was where eight Davis kids grew up in a big, old farmhouse. Helen and Edwin were the parents of this brood. Helen was an Irish Catholic mom, always attentive to her children’s concerns; Edwin was a microbiologist, an inquisitive man who sat reading at the kitchen table often explaining things to us. He was without religious belief. Our parents loved one another dearly and therefore gave us roots and wings. Read more . . .

Family Steeped in Dominican Life
Proud of Sisters Choosing Religious Life

Monica (Gregoria, professed in 1956) (1936–1999) and I (Clarina, professed in 1959) have grown as Dominicans within a large interconnected family—sisters Ann and Beth, brother Peter, 19 wondrous nieces and nephews, and on to the next generations. As we have enjoyed family weddings, baptisms, and anniversaries, so they have visited our missions and honored professions, jubilees, and Monica’s funeral at Sinsinawa Mound.

Sisters Inspire through Word and Deed

The impact of geography and geological structures on what we humans do in proximity to these phenomena is subtle, uncanny, and powerful. Sinsinawa Mound is a great example. Read more . . .

Sister Sisters

For Some Siblings, Religious Life Is All in the Family

For the Ryan sisters, there are plenty of memories. Growing up together in Omaha, NE, the trio of Sabina (1926–2016), Nora, and Marie Colette (1927–2008) remember parties, games, and horse races. They remember school, church, and community activities. And they remember a family steeped in prayer, spirituality, and religion. Read more . . .

McCaslin Family Supports Mission

Siblings Called to Religious Life

The McCaslin family is well known in Omaha, NE, especially in the Catholic community. There were 13 children—nine boys and four girls. Sister Claire (Marie Edward) McCaslin, OP, is the middle child—six older and six younger. Read more . . .

Sisters Celebrate Life at Villa

Sisters 90 years and over were honored at the annual Over 90s celebration in April. There were 43 honorees this year from the St. Dominic Villa and Motherhouse communities! Read more . . .

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