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The Sinsinawa Dominican Congregation celebrated the perpetual profession of Kathy Flynn, OP, Dec. 16 in Queen of the Rosary Chapel at Sinsinawa Mound. Clockwise from left: Sr. Kathy Flynn prays while the Litany of the Saints is sung; Srs. Jeri Cashman, Kathy Flynn, Ellie Hoffmann, and Toni Harris sign profession papers; Srs. Toni and Kathy listen to preaching by Ann Willits while seated with Kathy’s son, Pete, and other family members; the choir and musicians perform during the Mass; and Sr. Kathy (left) makes perpetual profession to Sr. Toni (right) while Sr. Mary Ann Nelson serves as witness. Photos by Eileen Dushek-Manthe and Tricia Buxton.

Srs. Eileen and Mary Therese
St. Dennis Vibrant Faith Community

The four Dominican pillars—prayer, community, study, and ministry—played an integral role in the ministries of Eileen Quinn, OP, and Mary Therese Dolan, OP, at St. Dennis School and Parish, Madison, WI. Read more . . .

Enactment 3
Teaching Children about Ecosystem Diversity

Enactment III of the Chapter of 2016 states, “We recommend that local communities, circles, and regional groups strengthen the practice of contemplative study by identifying a contemporary need in the region to which all can respond.” Read more . . .

Installing Solar Panels
Sinsinawa Celebrates Sun Energy

On Nov. 26, the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa together with installer Eagle Point Solar, Focus on Energy, and RENEW Wisconsin celebrated the installation of three solar arrays at Sinsinawa Mound. The Sisters held a blessing and a ribbon-cutting for the panels as part of the celebration.
Eagle Point Solar of Dubuque, IA, completed the three solar installations on Mound property in October. Read more . . .

Rejoicing Gaudete Sunday
Sister Kathy Makes Perpetual Profession

On Dec. 16, as we celebrated Gaudete Sunday, we also rejoiced in the perpetual profession of our sister, Kathy Flynn, OP. Kathy’s large extended family and many friends gathered at Sinsinawa in Queen of the Rosary Chapel to witness this life commitment as a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa. Read more . . .

National Religious Vocation Conference
Encounter, Accompaniment, Invitation

The National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC) November 2018 Convocation, Walk with Me: Encounter, Accompaniment, and Invitation, had over 300 participants from religious orders gather in Buffalo, NY, for the 30th anniversary of supporting vocation work. Read more . . .

New Mexico
Revisiting Sites, Sharing Memories

Forty-two years ago, some of our Sisters and I visited New Mexico for the first time to learn about its culture and history, its natural environment, and its economy. Read more . . .

Watercolor Painting with Sr. Christa
Sharing Skills and Joy

Watercolor painting has become a popular class at Sinsinawa Mound. Sisters who participated in the four-session class in November are looking forward to the next series. Others who did not join are talking about doing so. Read more . . .

Transitions and Catholic Charities
Addressing Homelessness in Spokane

Two efforts by separate organizations are addressing the need for housing for families experiencing homelessness in Spokane, WA. Read more . . .

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