Sisters Attend Preaching Colloquium

From left: Srs. Marcia Holthaus, Priscilla Wood, Ann Willits, and Roberta Popara
From left: Srs. Marcia Holthaus, Priscilla Wood, Ann Willits, and Roberta Popara

by Marcia Holthaus, OP; Roberta Popara, OP; Ann Willits, OP; and Priscilla Wood, OP

The Dominican Preaching Network held its third Dominican Colloquium at Weber Center on the campus of the Adrian Dominican Sisters Oct. 16–19. The focus was “Evangelization across Dominican Generations.”

Fifty-seven participants from the United States, Canada, Germany, and the Philippines reviewed how different generations of Dominicans often look at realities and possibilities from different vantage points. The Dominican Preaching Network is worldwide with three centers: Aquinas Institute in the United States; the Institut for Pastoralhomilek in Cologne, Germany; and the Institute of Preaching in Manila, the Philippines. The goal is to work toward building an international network of relationship to promote preaching in the Church. The next colloquium will take place in Manila.

Tony Gittens, CSsP, professor emeritus from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, and Ann Garrido, professor of preaching at Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, who also served as facilitator, were the presenters. Tony reminded us of God’s mission that is found in the evangelization mission of Jesus and our mission in the Church. Ann spoke of the essential aspect of listening across generations and gender. She guided us through a deep listening process that led to learning from peers and those from a different generation.

The entire group spent the last part of the event dreaming of ways to bridge the gap between generational groups, ways of fostering an equality of preaching between brothers and sisters, and ways of supporting the younger members of the Order in their preaching education.
Rich liturgical prayer enhanced the days with friars, Sisters, and a Dominican Associate sharing the preaching.

Roberta Popara, OP, commented, “We came away personally enriched but mindful of our Congregation and the wider Dominican Family, assured that the preaching charism burns brightly.”
Marcia Holthaus, OP, added, “It was a treat to meet with Dominican men and women from across the spectrum of the Dominican Family. . . . As I look to the future, I live in hope that we continue our efforts to work together, to hear the various voices of each part of the family, and keep broadening our circle of influence on the wider Church.”

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