This past year, Blazers from Trinity High School, River Forest, IL, embarked on an unplanned journey into what it means to be a Sinsinawa Dominican-sponsored school. In August, four Blazers traveled to Sinsinawa Mound where they visited with Sisters. What these students learned from these holy women was how the mission is reflected in their daily life, and this fall that mission was noted at two major events.

On Nov. 1, Trinity held its annual Founder’s Day Mass, which marks the celebration of the Sinsinawa Dominican founder, Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP. Each year, Trinity notes the depth of his leadership in ensuring that women not only receive an education but also are given the opportunity to be confident leaders. The Mass also marked the missioning of Laura M. Curley as the new president of Trinity and the new leader of the Trinity ministry. She was missioned by Colleen Settles, OP, to do the work of the Gospel that the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa have done for years.

Throughout November, Interim President Judy Schaefer, OP, worked with Laura, transitioning the president into her new role. Judy came to Trinity as a stranger to most and quickly became family. While Judy worked at Trinity for less than a year, she left her mark on our community. Laura announced at a Nov. 22 all-school assembly that Judy would receive Trinity’s highest honor, the Trinitarian Award, at Bal Dominique on April 18, 2020. This award honors someone who is committed to excellence; it promotes scholarship, leadership, and stewardship. Following the announcement, students spoke about Judy’s impact on them and their school community. The Blazers were grateful to her for answering the call, being brave, acting with courage, and making sacrifices for others. As junior Mack Hepburn said, “Thank you, Sr. Judy, for making school home again and teaching us that we not only have each other to lean on but also the women who came before us.” The event ended with Judy giving the community her gift of song.

One hundred and two years ago, the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters believed in single-gender education so strongly that they started a school with an enrollment of 15 young women. Today, the Trinity community is grateful for their continued support and prayers. The four young women who traveled to Sinsinawa Mound in August shared their experience with the Trinity community. They stated, “These are the women who support our school; they continue to carry Father Samuel Mazzuchelli’s mission like a cross.” “Every single person we have encountered on our trip has heard of Trinity, and some of them have even contributed to the growth and improvement of our school.” “Not only are they the founders of our school, but they also love the Trinity women and environment.” “Trinity is the embodiment of powerful, hardworking young women and, similar to the Sisters, we are a Dominican community filled with determined women who strive to make a difference and put love into everything we do.”

As Trinity’s Founder’s Day Awardee Ella Eisman (class of 2020) noted, “Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli would take pride in the way his legacy has benefited and transformed the community. He would revel in the accomplishments of the student body, and he would be thrilled by every Blazer’s daring and visionary nature.” The Trinity Blazers are living the Sinsinawa Dominican mission. Thank you for continuing to believe in and support Trinity.

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