Celebrating 175 Years
Relationships at the Heart of Ministry

In each issue of Sinsinawa Spectrum in 2022, we will print reflections from Sisters who responded to the question,
What do you love most about being a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa?

Ann Willits, OP The affection, tenderness, and wisdom each one of us has.
Ann Willits, OP
Mary Ann Miller, OP There are so many reasons why I love being a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa. We have changed and evolved through the years. In my older age, it is how we care for each other as Sisters. We are family.
Mary Ann Miller, OP
Collette Mary White, OP I am proud of the educational mission of the Dominicans and love the spirit of St. Dominic. The world has changed, the country has changed, and Sinsinawa Mound has changed, but the Dominican spirit is alive and well.
Collette Mary White, OP
Colleen Settles, OP I love our relationships with and support for each other and our willingness to risk for justice. I am excited to live into the next chapter of our lives together.
Colleen Settles, OP
Mary Ellen Green, OP I feel that I am an essential part of a larger whole that is changing the world in the name of Christ. I sometimes say that I am inordinately proud to be a member of our Congregation. My identity is so “stamped” as a Sinsinawa Dominican that I could not even imagine myself not being “one of us.” It’s a deep sense of belonging, mutual respect, and shared commitment to the Gospel.
Mary Ellen Green, OP
Mary Hopkins, OP I have valued our life of prayer and study.
Mary Hopkins, OP
Christina Heltsley, OP We are bound by love, driven by mission, and in love with creation and the Creator.
Christina Heltsley, OP
Kathy Komarek, OP I love the continual challenge to grow more loving.
Kathy Komarek, OP
Tere Auad, OP I appreciate our love for each other that comes from respecting one another.
Tere Auad, OP
Joeann Daley, OP I appreciate the joy of being alive at a time when we are still setting out to open the way for the Gospel where the work is still great and difficult.
Joeann Daley, OP
Margery Race, OP Our call to Dominican life, community, ministry, prayer, and gospel living is rich and most inviting. Our call is ongoing and renewing.
Margery Race, OP

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