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Dominican Volunteers USA to End in 2022

by the Dominican Volunteers USA Board of Trustees

Thank you for your support of Dominican Volunteers USA (DVUSA) these past many years. Know that your prayers and actions have been invaluable in making this program a success. As a valued member of the DVUSA community, we want you to know at the end of July 2022, DVUSA will be closing its doors after an illustrious 20-year history.

While this decision may come as a shock, know that it was made after much prayer and discernment by countless members of the DVUSA family. The financial reality, as well as the uniqueness of our program, including living in community with vowed Dominicans, has become more difficult to sustain. The pandemic has only accelerated this reckoning, and this is not the only difficult decision that Dominican congregations and organizations have had to make this year.

Although we are sad about DVUSA’s closing, we (and we hope you) are proud of the impact that this program has had on people’s lives. The Dominican charism lives on in each and every one of us, and our mission is to carry on the Gospel and to continue to preach with our lives what the program has taught us. When the time comes, we hope you will join us in honoring DVUSA and the ways it has shaped us.

DVUSA currently has volunteers serving in California, New York, and Michigan through next summer. Please continue to pray for and support these volunteers!

“Sinsinawa has been a long-standing and strong supporter of DVUSA. Some would say that we have been a ‘mainstay’” said Toni Harris, OP. “We are grateful for the program’s 20 years of life-changing influence for both volunteers and Sisters. Sinsinawa also celebrates the additional nearly 30 years of relationship provided through our Apostolic Volunteer program, launched by our dear Marcella Connolly, OP (1927–2016), in 1973. Let’s plan to honor this combined 50-year experience of ministry, community, and relationship in the coming year. Thanks to our Sisters Liz Dunn, OP (corporate board member); and Mary Kremer, OP, and Mary Rathert, OP (trustees), who currently represent Sinsinawa in the governance of DVUSA.”

The DVUSA Board of Trustees includes Executive Director Megan Ugolino; Board President Luke Sullivan; Vice President Tarianne DeYonker, OP; Treasurer Maggie Dolan; Secretary Sarah Hammel; Shannon Green; Jenelle Dame; Kathleen Donnelly, OP; Gina Fleming, OP; Mary Kremer, OP; and Mary Rathert, OP.

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