From left, Laura Goedken, OP, Dorothy Kennedy, OP, and Reg McKillip, OP

Donating to Refugees at Fort McCoy

In October, Reg McKillip, OP (right), and Laura Goedken, OP (left), coordinated donations from Sinsinawa Mound for Afghanistan refugees at Fort McCoy, WI, where many of them are staying. “As Sisters at the Mound downsize, move to another location, or go to God, items such as large suitcases are no longer needed,” said Laura. “We donated 20 suitcases, all in good condition, to the Afghans at Fort McCoy. We also donated 30 big bath towels, 30 large blankets, and 40 throw blankets. Many of these items were no longer needed after deconstructing the east wing of the ‘64 building. The Mound Sisters were overjoyed at hearing of our donation.” In December, Dorothy Kennedy, OP (center), helped Reg and Laura pack up sewing machines and fabric from Sinsinawa to deliver to Catholic Charities in LaCrosse for the refugees at Fort McCoy.

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