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New Direction for St. Dominic Villa

The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa (Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc., also known as SDI) entered into a contractual agreement with Marquardt Management Services (MMS) and Southwest Health (SWH) to own and operate St. Dominic Villa. This transfer from SDI to the joint venture between MMS and SWH will take place during July 2020. SWH will eventually transfer ownership of Epione Pavilion (Cuba City) to the joint venture, also. This collaboration adds significant value to the communities of southwestern Wisconsin and helps to ensure the long-term viability of senior health care services in our region.

Sinsinawa, Marquardt, and Southwest Health share many of the same values. Sinsinawa and Marquardt are faith based and mission driven, are not-for-profit, desire to promote the well-being of those served, hope for a meaningful and successful environment for employees, expect quality of service in operations, and are all based in Wisconsin. SWH’s core competencies are providing hospital and clinic services. MMS also manages the St. Elizabeth Campus (manor and nursing home) in the Janesville area where more than 20 of our Sisters now live as a vibrant Dominican community. Our experience there demonstrates that the Villa will be in good hands. MMS also effectively manages general operations and health services at Sinsinawa Mound.

As we make this transition, the Congregation’s partnership with Trinity Health will conclude. We value the Trinity employees as they have provided quality care for our Sisters at St. Dominic Villa. Michael Spitzer, our current Villa administrator, will continue in his role. The roles of Villa Prioress Patty Rinn, OP, and our pastoral care partners will not change. Trinity employees will become Marquardt employees in August 2020. In the future, the Villa will be available to both Sisters and lay people in the southwest Wisconsin region who need skilled care.

Sinsinawa began consideration of this proposal for two main reasons. First, this endeavor promised to strengthen the health care in this region by providing an excellent facility and management that would both serve the Sinsinawa Sisters as well as seniors from the area. Second, since skilled care reimbursement rates, particularly Medicaid rates, were not keeping pace with costs, Sinsinawa was required to increasingly subsidize the Villa. Continuing this growing subsidy into the future threatened our capacity to provide for future mission opportunities.

This change in ownership and operations will allow the Sinsinawa Leadership Council and Treasurer to focus more on our congregation mission and to be less involved with certain aspects of Villa operations. This is especially important as we look to the future and realize that fewer Sisters will be available for congregational responsibilities.

The Sinsinawa Leadership Council recognizes that we have worked to assure appropriate health care for our Sisters throughout our history. Currently, skilled nursing care is heavily regulated and is constantly changing. We are delighted to play a role in this new venture by providing St. Dominic Villa as a critical feature of the plan for the long-term viability of senior health care services in Wisconsin.

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