Pictures of murals of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.

What Set the World on Fire in 2020

by Jeri Cashman, OP

Teenagers weren’t looking to be heroes when a 17-year-old student briefly documented 10 minutes of history with her video. On May 25, this young woman recorded one of the most important and high-profile police murders in America. An unarmed and handcuffed black man, George Floyd, was brutally murdered by four white Minneapolis policemen. Minneapolis has been recognized forever as a Community of Neighborhoods and young people wasted no time to make things better: they swept the sidewalks and streets, painted over the plywood that covered the windows of some 200 damaged stores, and then moved on to get and give donations of food for hundreds of families. The protesters looted and set fire to our Lake Street. These photos will tell the story which is now changing our city into a peaceful but persistent demand for lasting change about racism that will call out the best in us.

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