ARTT Holds Spring Meeting

by Patricia Rogers, OP; and Margery Race, OP

ARTT members present at Sinsinawa
ARTT members present at Sinsinawa included (from left) Sr. Monica Oboagwina, Associate Candy Krepel, Sr. Pat Leahy, Sr. Mary McNulty, Sr. Joan Duerst, Sr. Marie Joanna Hoffman, Sr. Carolyn Croft, Sr. Margery Race, Sr. Judy Seiberlich, Sr. Pat Rogers, Sr. Nancy Hubeny, Sr. Erica Jordan, Sr. Roberta Popara, Sr. Marie Lucek, Sr. Peggy Ryan, Sr. Rosetta Marie Brown, and Associate Rita Bruce. Those joining by videoconference included Sr. Tere Auad, Associate Jana Minor, Associate Barbara Johnson, Sr. KC Young, and Sr. Mary Kremer.

The Sinsinawa Anti-Racism Transformation Team (ARTT) 2022 spring meeting was held both in person and via videoconference at Sinsinawa Mound. Associate Barbara Johnson and Pat Leahy, OP, opened the meeting in prayer with a litany of welcome, naming each member and their gifts to Anti-Racism.

A scheduled Zoom meeting with Crossroads, Digging into Anti-Racism, was first on the agenda. The team was pleased with our time with Crossroads and grateful for the updated material. Our days began with prayer, singing, Scripture, and theological reflection. Our work included reflections after our work with Crossroads and leadership roles in ARTT and the selection of steering committee members and cochairs for the next three years.

Steering committee members selected were Tere Auad, OP; Rosetta Marie Brown, OP; Patricia Rogers, OP; Nancy Hubeny, OP; and Mary McNulty, OP. Cochairs selected include Barbara Johnson and Peggy Ryan, OP.

We were so very grateful for our conversations to be with one another at Sinsinawa and on Zoom toward our work of becoming an Anti-Racist, Multicultural Congregation. Monica Oboagwina, OP; and Marie Lucek, OP, ended our team meeting in prayer and song, Christ Is Alive, Alleluia.

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