Celebrating 175 Years
Making a Difference in Lives of Others

In each issue of Sinsinawa Spectrum in 2022,
we will print reflections from Sisters who responded to the question,

What do you love most about being a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa?

Miriam Brown, OP I love everything—the quest and mission in good company with zest, risk, commitment, and joy; the supportive steady leadership; and the spirit of ever newness, consciously participating in the divine energies of goodness, truth, and beauty.
Miriam Brown, OP
Martha Mary Rohde, OP I have loved our Sisters since grade school where I saw their sense of humor and their love for one another, for God, and for their families. Living in community for 54 years has only deepened my love of our Congregation. I have also loved my ministry in elementary schools and my time ministering with our Sisters at Sinsinawa Mound. Yes, relationships are at the heart of ministry and life.
Martha Mary Rohde, OP
Helen Marie Raycraft, OP I receive great hope and joy in knowing that I am bonded to a group of holy women who are on a journey toward God, respecting one another in love and sharing this love with so many others.
Helen Marie Raycraft, OP
Elizabeth Dunn, OP I love being in relationship with women of faith in our Congregation and knowing that we all strive to love and support one another as Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa. I love the freedom we have to go where the work might be difficult, but always, to pave the way for the Gospel to be preached.
Elizabeth Dunn, OP
Judy Lund, OP I love our willingness to work for justice. Thanks be for the loving trust and support from one another.
Judy Lund, OP
Francina Martha Alken, OP I love our supportive and loving community. I live in gratitude and love for our Sisters and Associates.
Francina Martha Alken, OP
Deb Bomyea, OP I love the joy among us and the drive of working for justice for all.
Deb Bomyea, OP
Jane Boland, OP I love being a member of a joyous group of dedicated women.
Jane Boland, OP
Patty Gallagher, OP I love our freedom of spirit.
Patty Gallagher, OP
Christa Cunningham, OP I love the joy of belonging to a community of Sisters committed to each other and building a holy and just Church and society.
Christa Cunningham, OP
Denise Landers, OP I am grateful for living with women and men committed to internalizing daily our four pillars and expressing them in our unique personalities in daily life. We never give up and live out the challenges.
Denise Landers, OP

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