Spokane House

Family Promise Purchases Spokane House

by Mary Rathert, OP, and Toni Harris, OP

Siena House, a congregation-owned property in Spokane, WA, has been purchased by Family Promise, an organization whose mission is to address the needs of families experiencing homelessness.

The Spokane Dominicans bought this 100-year-old house in 1979. In the initial years after our Spokane Sisters acquired this house, it served as transitional housing for women experiencing homelessness. We hold fond memories of the significance of this special place. Over the years, it has been the setting for warmth and hospitality extended by those who comprised the Siena House community. Many Sisters, volunteers, and friends have enjoyed community celebrations, prayer, and assiduous study there.

About a year ago, our Congregation entered into negotiations with Family Promise toward the possible purchase of Siena House. The mission of Family Promise is aligned with our Sinsinawa Dominican mission and with the mission of Transitions, our cosponsored ministry in Spokane. During this past year, Family Promise searched for funding to complete the purchase. Their one-year lease concluded in April, and the final payment for purchase was received by Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc., April 30. The ownership is now passed on to Family Promise. They are excited to have the house, which will continue their mission of serving families experiencing homelessness.

We are grateful to all who assisted in the transition of ownership of this significant resource. Special thanks to Judith Nilles, OP, on-site in Spokane, and to Laura Reicks, RSM, and Brian Bahr from our General Finance Office for all the effort involved in this process. Thanks to all our Sisters in the Pacific Northwest who continue the precious legacy initiated by our Spokane Dominican Sisters.

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