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The Grant County Health Department held two COVID-19 vaccination clinics at Sinsinawa Mound. As of late February, almost all Sisters at Sinsinawa and St. Elizabeth Manor have been fully vaccinated. Sinsinawa Dominican Director of Health and Wellness Kay Malone reported that Sisters on mission have made great efforts in receiving their vaccinations, as well. “When Sisters on mission find a vaccination site, they are wonderful about sharing that information with other Sisters in the area,” she said. Pastoral Delegate Mary Rathert, OP, reported that Sisters living in remote areas such as the Northwest and Texas have experienced difficulties in gaining access to receive the vaccination. “We continue to try to find ways for all Sisters to be vaccinated in the coming months,” said Mary. Pictured are (clockwise from left) Srs. Maryann Lucy gathering paperwork from Srs. Loretta Zemaitis, Mary Therese O’Malley, and Antonetta Martinka; a nurse administering a shot to Sr. Joan Brichacek; and a nurse administering a shot to Sr. Jo Ann Dold.


Celebrating Cornerstones Day


Someone once asked me how these women knew to come—and the answer is so simple—Father Samuel [Mazzuchelli, OP] invited them! Read more . . .


National Black Sisters Conference
Sinsinawa Sisters Founding Members


In the summer of 1968, a low knocking sound seemed to be coming from the North, South, West, and East. It sounded like a calling or more like a musical beat invitation. Read more . . .

Dominican News

At Table with St. Dominic


Master of the Order of Preachers Fr. Gerard Francisco P. Timoner III, OP, announced the yearlong celebration of the anniversary of St. Dominic’s death in 1221. The theme for this jubilee celebration in 2021 is At Table with St. Dominic. The following are reflections from Sisters on what it means to be at table with St. Dominic now, how his life and word inspire and encourage us, and/or how this table becomes a place for breaking of the Word and the Bread of Life. Read more . . .


A Giant among Us


It is quite amazing, and perhaps alarming, how one season grows into the next, and one year melds into many. So now it has been 17 years since I learned that a lifelong friend was dying. Seventeen years since a day trip for a final visit with my friend. Seventeen years since that unforgettable visit was forged upon my memory. It is as if it were yesterday. Read more . . .

Peace & Justice

Restorative Justice in the United States


Sadly, the last half of 2020 and the first month of 2021, the United States witnessed 20 federal executions. Ponder this in light of our corporate stance of 2002: “We, the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, Wisconsin, oppose the use of the death penalty in the United States. We believe in the dignity of human life and in the merciful and forgiving God who opens the way for redemption, conversion, and growth.” Read more . .

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