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Plastic Recycling Effort

by Mary Catherine Rice, OP
on behalf of the Care of Creation Committee

Our Season of Creation “Plastic Project” officially ended with the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Leadership Council approving a donation of $1,000 to TonToTon ( on behalf of the Congregation. Through our efforts, 2,844 pounds (almost 1.5 tons) of plastic waste will be “retired” from the environment and converted into usable building materials and energy while providing jobs and education to the people of Vietnam and Cambodia. Watch Plastic Removal at to see what your participation will accomplish (ClimeCo is the partner of TonToTon based in the USA).

The amount the Council approved represents a truer picture of the impact our plastic usage has on the environment than what we actually collected and weighed. Approximately 128 Sisters and Associates and their spouses participated, and about 167 pounds of plastic were weighed! The $1,000 represents our commitment to Earth and our journey with Laudato Si’.

We can all agree that this was a consciousness-raising project and that we are all much more aware of how much plastic we use! Thank you to all. Your efforts were not wasted!

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