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In December, Sisters and friends traveled to Middleton, WI, to experience the Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition featuring paintings and reflections from artist Vincent Van Gogh. Pictured are (from left) Shane O’Brien; Peg Ortman, OP; Janet Welsh, OP; Marcia Holthaus, OP; Alice Ann Byrne, OP; Patricia Davis, OP; Sharon Casey, OP; Christa Cunningham, OP; Nora Schaefer, OP; Martha Wiegand, OP; Geri Kline, OP; Sharon Stangler, OP; and Morhgin Taylor.

Sisters in the Spotlight

Preaching Team Continues Work
Texas Sisters Create Hospitality

Blessings of peace during this new year. We celebrated Mary and Joseph who were welcomed and given Posada in a humble cave where Jesus was born. We, too, as Christians are challenged to offer hospitality to everyone we meet, including people who are of different cultures and races than our own. Read more . . .

Peace & Justice

Restorative Justice: Building Relationships
Who Ministers to Whom?

Maureen McDonnell, OP; Mary Therese Johnson, OP; Marie Louise Seckar, OP; Associate Jana Minor; and KC Young, OP, explore new meanings on what “relationship at the heart of ministry” can mean for the incarcerated and for those who listen, who learn, and who are open. Here are their stories. Read more . . .

Peace & Justice

COP15 Biodiversity Conference
‘To Infinity and Beyond . . .’

The phrase, “To infinity and beyond . . .,” from the movie Toy Story comes to mind whenever I think about my experience attending COP15, the United Nations Biodiversity Conference in Montreal, Canada, in December. The biodiversity framework that emerged from the conference is beyond anything I expected. I was excited to be where issues were discussed and debated and decisions were agreed upon. Read more . . .

Peace & Justice

Plastic Recycling Effort

Our Season of Creation “Plastic Project” officially ended with the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa Leadership Council approving a donation of $1,000 to TonToTon (tontoton.com) on behalf of the Congregation. Read more . . .

Peace & Justice

Two Different Experiences,
Three Similar Conclusions

In December, I participated in a delegation to Honduras sponsored by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) and the SHARE Foundation. Its purpose was to accompany communities struggling to protect their water and land from extractive industries and to meet with environmentalists persecuted for organizing to save the rivers and defend their “right to NOT migrate.” Read more . . .


Sisters Launch ‘Refuse to Use’ Campaign
Say No to Single-Use Plastics

Twenty-three congregations of Catholic Sisters serving in Illinois will observe Catholic Sisters Week March 8–14 with a challenge: do not consume beverages from single-use plastic bottles. “We are taking advantage of the annual observance of Catholic Sisters Week to educate, inform, and act to end plastic waste through a Refuse to Use campaign,” said Marcelline Koch, OP, the justice promoter for the Dominican Sisters of Springfield. Read more . . .


Sisters Attend Edgewood Mass

Sisters attended the feast day Mass of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated by Bishop of Madison Donald J. Hying at Edgewood High School (Madison, WI) in December. Read more . . .

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