Mexico Border

Pictured clockwise from top left are Sr. Helen Marie, Sr. LouAnne, and Mary working at the border

Pictured clockwise from top left are Sr. Helen Marie, Sr. LouAnne, and Mary working at the border; hopeful immigrants living in makeshift camps in Mexico near the border; volunteers pulling their wagons across the international bridge from the United States into Mexico.

In January, LouAnne Willette, OP; Helen Marie Raycraft, OP; and Mary Mendoza traveled to the United States-Mexico border to assist immigrants there. Helen Marie reflected, “How did I experience God’s compassionate love at the border? As we made sandwiches and packed diapers and wipes, several women lamented on the sad political situation in that Juan Castro is about the only politician on either side of the border who has visited Matamoros recently. As we crossed the border with wagons carrying milk, sandwiches, diapers, and other essentials, I heard people shouting ‘Willie, Willie’ (Jesus, Jesus) because this Puerto Rican man from New Jersey knew everyone and was responding to their needs as best he could, even bringing stuffed animals for the children. The gratitude and expectant faces of the people mainly from Central America were so special as they welcomed what we were able to bring with us. There were young volunteers from Baylor University and Marywood College who gave their winter break time generously. There were medical doctors and interns from Philadelphia and nurse practitioners from the Bronx and Philadelphia willing to dedicate their time and energy. All of this spoke loudly to me that the Kingdom of God is in our midst.” LouAnne said, “The sight of the tents and people waiting in line to get supplies when we crossed the international bridge was heartbreaking. . . . Pope Francis asks four actions of us regarding immigrants: 1) welcome, 2) protection, 3) promotion, and 4) integration. Directors at the respite centers along the border have declared, ‘There IS room at the inn.’ We have lots to pray about and work toward.”

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