Living Our Anti-Racism Corporate Stance

by Paula McKenzie, Associate

Each of us is living out, in different ways, our Sinsinawa Dominican Corporate Stance for Anti-Racism. One of the ways I am doing so is through reading and discussing with others Heather McGhee’s book, The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together. This is a well-researched and engaging book. It provides good background and ideas for approaching our corporate stance.

Over and over in our history, we have all lost what we might have gained together. In a particularly graphic example, McGhee relates how communities across the country had built beautiful public pools for their residents—the white residents. When anti-segregation laws required Blacks have access to these public pools, many cities and towns shut the pools to everyone, filled them in with dirt, and planted grass there rather than integrate. To a greater or lesser extent, this has been true in real estate, jobs, lending, and voting.

The problems of racism in this country can’t be solved solely by individuals. It is only as we join with others that systemic change can take place. McGhee gives us the history and the challenge to work together to overcome the common but false idea of a “zero sum game,” where one person’s gain is necessarily another person’s loss.

Our corporate stance on anti-racism challenges us to “create positive, informed conversations with a bias toward action.” Discussion of this book has certainly done that for members of the book discussion group in which I participate!

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