Assistance for War-Torn Ukraine

by Mariann Franzgrote, OP

Associate Mary Jane Steinhagen 
with her card
Associate Mary Jane Steinhagen
with her card

On March 5 at The Oaks on Pleasant in Minnesota, we had an interfaith prayer service to pray as one for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. My next-door neighbor, a retired pastor of the Dutch Reform Church in the south, hosted it. Together, he and Mariann Franzgrote, OP, prepared the service. We had an amazing response—a packed community room with standing room only.

Don spoke of the crisis in Ukraine, and several people created prayers for special aspects of the war. Mariann prayed for the mothers and children leaving their country, leaving their husbands and loved ones behind to defend their country. We also had a guest speaker, a Ukrainian woman, second generation, from the Ukrainian church in north Minneapolis. She spoke at great length of the struggles of her people.

Our Associate Mary Jane Steinhagen created a beautiful card honoring Ukraine, using blue and yellow (colors of their flag) and superimposed with a sunflower (the country’s national flower). She placed a few on several tables and said if anyone would like one, she would create more for a donation, with the money going to parishioners of the Ukrainian church to send to their families. The response has been overwhelming. At this point, from the people here at the Oaks and others, she has collected over $6,000 in donations and isn’t finished yet! At the conclusion of our gathering, we sang Let There Be Peace on Earth.

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