Celebrating 175 Years
Making a Difference in Lives of Others

In each issue of Sinsinawa Spectrum in 2022, we will print reflections from Sisters who responded to the question,
What do you love most about being a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa?

Kathleen Smith, OP I enjoy the freedom to be responsible for my own spiritual growth (no matter where it leads) as our Constitution states. One of our early Mothers said that we must always have a veil of tolerance to throw over the shortcomings of our Sisters. This they also do for me. It all comes down to “the mercy of God, and yours”—usque ad mortem.
Kathleen Smith, OP
Maureen McDonnell, OP I love belonging to this strong company of women and engaging in prayer, study, ministry, and friendship with each other.
Maureen McDonnell, OP
Pat Rogers, OP I love the Sisterhood and our meaningful relationships. They are so important.
Pat Rogers, OP
Barbara Becker, OP I love the care and support we have for one another.
Barbara Becker, OP
Patty Caraher, OP I love our wide embrace of others, our spirit of hospitality, our resilience in hard times, our love for one another, our genuine seeking as our theology and spirituality evolves, and our history rooted in the land. I’m especially grateful for how we are all so different, and yet we retain a deep regard and love for one another.
Patty Caraher, OP
Jean Tranel, OP We are a community of loving, holy, caring, sparkling Sisters! I enjoy the smiles that are always present on the faces of everyone at Sinsinawa Mound. It’s pure delight when we are unmasked to see the smiling faces of everyone.
Jean Tranel, OP
Sarah Anne Kaminski, OP No matter what my ministry, no matter where I am called, I know that I will be asked and I can make a difference in the lives of others. For decades, our Sisters have responded to the human needs identified by our leadership and by the universal Church [e.g., the call to serve the people of Bolivia]. With Vatican II, we realized that the call to mission and ministry surrounds us wherever we may be. Our provincials helped us go where we had never served before. We have known the pain of ending our presence at some cherished schools after 100 years, but we have also known the ready welcome to serve people when no one else recognized the needs.
Sarah Anne Kaminski, OP
Marian DeGrood, OP I value the love and support we have for each other. We pray, work, play, study, and love each other. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had—teaching children in seven different states; opening a couple of kindergartens; and mission work in Jamaica, Trinidad, and Alabama. I now have the joy of being with our Sisters at St. Dominic Villa and Sinsinawa Mound.
Marian DeGrood, OP

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