The Match Game . . . Sinsinawa Style

by Mary Paynter, OP

From the time of Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP, to our own day, study has been a hallmark of our Sinsinawa Dominican lives. Sometimes this emerges as informal study—of nature, of events, of people, of books, of poems, of paintings, of films. However, many times, our study was formal and often resulted in obtaining advanced degrees. If you were to open the doors of several of the large storage cabinets in our Archives Department at Sinsinawa Mound, you could see the collected theses of our Sisters earned at many different universities on a wide variety of topics.

Just for fun, see if you can match the titles of some of these theses with the names of the Sisters who wrote them.

  Here are some clues (answer key at bottom of this page):
Four are written by Sisters who served as prioresses of the Congregation;
Three are written by Sisters who were presidents of Edgewood College or Rosary College;
Two are written by Sisters who were novice directors of the Congregation;
Others are written by Sisters you may have lived with or who taught you; and
Some are now thoughtfully discussing their research with saints and angels, while others are still around and available for your questions.

  Selected Titles of PhD or MA Theses
1. “A Study of 25 Maladjusted High School Girls”
2. “Visual Signaling in Non-Human Primates”
3. “Eugene Ionesco: Pessimiste ou réaliste?”
4. “The Hidden Speech of Hidden Ireland”
5. “Collaborative Model for Renewal of Dominican Spirituality”
6. “The Emergence of the Concept of an Abstract Group”
7. “The Place of Women in the Ministerial Offices of the Church”
8. “Prescribing Practices of Georgia Dentists”
9. “La Genèse de ‘Dialogues des Carmelites’”
10. “An Experimental Process for Capturing the Sound of Thunder”
11. “The Jesuit Academy of St. Michel”
12. “The Poor in Luke’s Gospel”
13. “Evolution of the Garden Motif in 15th C. Flemish Painting”
14. “A History of B. W. Huebsch, Publisher”
15. “The Attitude of the Farming Community of McLean County, Toward Farm Problems”
16. “Ylide Methylation of Aromatic Nitro Compounds”
17. “The Pre-Socratic Use of Uvxn as a Term for the Principle of Motion”
18. “The Square, the Cool, the Life”
19. “An Investigation of the Modernizing Role of the Maryknoll Sisters in China”
20. “Ida B. Wells-Barnett: Exploratory Study of an American Black Woman”

  Sister Authors
(match with the corresponding thesis)
a. Esther Heffernan, OP
b. Mary Therese O’Malley, OP
c. Jean Murray, OP
d. Mildred Thompson, OP
e. Jean McSweeney, OP
f. Mary Ann Schintz, OP
g. Alice O’Rourke, OP
h. Thomas Aquinas O’Neill, OP
i. Joanne Gearts, OP
j. Marie Virginia Walters, OP
k. Mary Jane Herlik, OP
l. Diane Kennedy, OP
m. Kaye Ashe, OP
n. Marie Walter Flood, OP
o. Mary Paynter, OP
p. Benedicta Larkin, OP
q. Ann McCullough, OP
r. Christine Feagan, OP
s. Marie Amanda Allard, OP
t. Mary O’Donnell, OP


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Answer key:
1. i; 2. k; 3. r; 4. p; 5. l; 6. b; 7. n; 8. j; 9. c; 10. t; 11. m;
12. s; 13. o; 14. q; 15. g; 16. e; 17. h; 18. a; 19. f; 20. d.

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