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The Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa gratefully announce the results of their 25th General Chapter of Elections (from left): Councilor-elect Jeanne Tranel, OP; Vicaress-elect Julie Schwab, OP; Councilor-elect Judith Schaefer, OP; Councilor-elect Betsy Pawlicki, OP; Prioress-elect Christina Heltsley, OP; and Councilor-elect Christine Feagan, OP. These Sisters will assume office in the summer of 2023 and serve in these roles until 2028. Chapter photos by Associate Michelle Horton, Eileen Dushek-Manthe, Sr. Priscilla Torres, and Sr. Mary Ann Nelson.

Sisters in the Spotlight

Called on Mission
Finding Rhythm in a New Community

Ever since the last crisp leaves drifted downward outside my windows, I have been watching a bulky nest that clings securely to the top spindly branches of one tall oak. The sturdy-looking nest has become for me an unusual reminder of my new life here at the Glenn (Hopkins, MN). Read more . . .


Archives Prepares for Move
Destination: Boston College

The Leadership Council of the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa announced the Archives collections currently housed at Sinsinawa Mound will be moving to Boston College (BC) in the fall of 2023. Archivist Cassie Vazquez and the archives staff and volunteers have been busy preparing for the move. Read more . . .


Father Mazzuchelli’s Vision for Education

More than 150 years ago, Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP, challenged the prevailing theories of his time in developing two educational programs to serve those among the least served of his era: first, the Native Indian tribes of Wisconsin; and, second, the young women who attended his frontier academy in Benton, WI. Read more . . .


CODALC Energizes Collaborative Efforts
Hope on the Horizon

The Confederation of Dominican Sisters of Latin America and the Caribbean (CODALC) met in Lima, Peru, from Jan. 26 to Feb. 1, 2023. Amid civil unrest in the country, it was discerned by the organizing committee that the conference should take place. It was a good decision to hold the conference, which happens every two years. Read more . . .


Congregation Gathers for Chapter 2023
Direction Set, New Leadership Elected

Dominican Sisters and Associates of Sinsinawa gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in Brookfield, WI, for the Congregation’s 25th General Chapter April 15–23, 2023. Those who could not attend in person joined virtually via Zoom. Read more . . .


Feeling at Home at Chapel Garden
Sisters at Peace with Move

A new mission opened for our Congregation on Oct. 27, 2022, when seven Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa moved from Sinsinawa Mound to Chapel Garden on 1495 South Layton Boulevard in Milwaukee. Read more . . .


Cornerstones Award and Lecture

Every year, the Congregation remembers our Four Cornerstones, those early Sisters who faced a turning point: to disband because of poverty, hardship, and few members or to go forward into an unknown future with hope. Read more . . .

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