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Mary Kennan Kudlacz, OP (right) is a counselor at Holy Ghost School in Albuquerque, NM, where Mary Houlihan, OP, is a teacher of Spanish and religion. They enjoy their ministry with students.

Sisters Led to Teach
Answering ‘Special Calling’

“You are led where you are supposed to be,” believes Mary Houlihan, OP. She and Mary Kennan Kudlacz, OP, have good reason to stay at Holy Ghost School, Albuquerque, NM. Once, an 8th-grade boy followed Mary down the hall saying, “You’re just so cool.” The staff tells them both, “Don’t you ever leave!” Read more . . .

Retreats at Sinsinawa
Students Enjoy Time with Sisters

In March and April, we hosted students from Dominican University (DU) and Edgewood College (EC) for their spring retreats. Exploring one’s “call” was the theme for both groups. We share their experiences with you. Read more . . .

Living Life to the Fullest

Sisters at St. Dominic Villa at Sinsinawa held an “Over 90s” party in April. There were 43 honorees this year, and attendees enjoyed good company, refreshments, and food. Read more . . .

From Vassar to Sinsinawa via the Salvation Army
Remarkable Journey of a ‘Born Skeptic’

On April 19, 1916—101 years ago—our Sister Imelda Teresa Swift, OP, died suddenly at St. Clara. Her obituary read that “Miss Susie Swift came to St. Clara late in life, educated, cultured, and of wide experience,” adding that “the remains of the much tried and zealous soul were laid away in God’s Acre on Good Friday.” Read more . . .

The Heart of WeHaKee Community

Because of the intentionality of the Sisters who founded the camp, the community of WeHaKee Camp for Girls has always stood out as diverse when compared to other camps with similar offerings. But diversity is never enough. Diversity is about numbers. It is about how many different groups are present as well as how many within each defined group are members of a larger group . . . say a camp community. Read more . . .

DSC Statement
Clean Power Plan Must Prevail

Dominican Sisters in the United States have been actively addressing climate change since the late 1980s. In 2015, we commissioned four Dominican Sisters to represent us at the Paris 2015 Climate Summit—COP21. Today, in the face of the imminent threat climate change poses to the planet, to people, to the economy, and even to national security, we are alarmed by President Trump’s recent executive order that rolls back the Clean Power Plan and encourages increased coal production. This is a dangerous step backwards. Read more . . .

Diversity Panel
Sr. Geri Discusses Antiracism

Tim Wise, white antiracist activist and author, tells the story of a wise, old fish swimming through the water. He encountered two young fish swimming by. He turned to them and asked, “How’s the water?” and the young fish replied, “What water?” Read more . . .

Proclaiming the Word of God
Retreats Connect Faith, Action in Waukegan

In our Constitution, we Dominicans of Sinsinawa quote a letter written in 1218 from Pope Honorius III to Saint Dominic, . . . having undertaken poverty, and made profession of regular life, you have given yourselves to the proclamation of the Word of God, preaching the name of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world (p. 31). Read more . . .

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