Edie Rice-Sauer Named
Cornerstones Award Recipient

Rev. Edie Rice-Sauer
Rev. Edie Rice-Sauer

Every Feb. 5, the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa honors our Four Cornerstones, those early Sisters who faced a turning point: to disband because of poverty, hardship, and few members or to go forward into an unknown future with hope.

To honor those founding Sisters, the Leadership Council has established an annual Cornerstones Award to be given to a woman who exemplifies by her life and service the qualities of that early group: an abundance of hope, courage in adversity, commitment to a shared mission, and deep faith in the Providence of God. This year, the Leadership Council is happy to announce as the recipient Rev. Edie Rice-Sauer, executive director of Transitions.

For the past 10 years, Edie has worked at Transitions, our cosponsored ministry in Spokane, WA, and presently is the executive director. All of her professional life, Edie has been committed to working with those who are vulnerable in situations of domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, mental illness, and/or addictions. As an ordained Disciples of Christ minister, Edie’s faith informs all that she does. Before beginning her work with Transitions, Edie served as the director of a domestic violence shelter in Nashville, worked with youth experiencing homelessness at Volunteers of America in Spokane, and was the mental health planner in Spokane County’s Department of Human Services. Just as our Cornerstones exhibited hope and optimism during difficult times, these two qualities are found in Edie as she tirelessly helps women find their own power to face and change their lives. During these past three years, she faced with courage great financial and regulatory adversity as she initiated and brought to completion the building of 24 cottages for permanent supportive housing units for Transitions. During this 25th anniversary year of Transitions, we are blessed to have Edie Rice-Sauer leading Transitions and accepting the Cornerstones Award.

To celebrate this Cornerstones event, we are also honored to welcome Kathleen Norris, a well-known poet and author who will be giving the Cornerstones Lecture. Kathleen’s works include Dakota: A Spiritual Geography and The Cloister Walk.

This event has not yet been scheduled due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, so we wait in anticipation. May this celebration inspire our gratitude for the witness of our Cornerstone Sisters as well as for those women today who demonstrate hope, courage, commitment, and deep faith in the Providence of God.

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